You’re so in love with your blooming bridal bouquet, so why should it only get a limited amount of glory? Whether you hang your flowers, press them, or sprinkle the edible ones on your favorite desserts, you’ll be able to keep your pretty petals much longer than just one day. Plus, you won’t feel the shame of throwing out a good chunk of your wedding budget after your nuptials are over. Don’t toss your bouquet out just yet — here are 14 ways to reuse your wedding flowers and keep the memory of your big day alive.

1. Lavender Shortbread Cookies: Filled with fruits, flowers, and herbs, cookies like this won’t last long. Your pretty lavender bouquet has the special ingredient to make these sweet treats taste amazing. (via Bon Appetit)

2. Dried Flower Neck Collar: This has to be the chicest use of dried flowers that we have ever seen. The pairing of dried purple flowers against the copper collar makes it the perfect date night accessory. (via Cotton Pop Sock)

3. Mini Dried Bouquets: Use these beautiful mini versions of your blooming bouquet to decorate for a dinner party or display in a bookshelf for all to see. This DIY project works best if you have a big bouquet that can be broken down shortly after your ceremony.

4. Pressed Flower iPhone Case: DIY your phone case with your colorful blooms. Now when you’re scrolling through your wedding photos, you can keep your bouquet close. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Woven Hoop: If you’ve got a knack for crafts, then reusing your wedding flowers just became your next big project. Carefully thread them into a hoop that you can display on your wall.

6. Pressed Flower Coasters: Brighten up your coffee table with pressed flower coasters that will always remind you of your wedding day. We’ll cheers to that! (via Lowes)

7. DIY Room Spray: Use the fragrant smell of your blooms to fill the rooms of your home for months to come. Every spritz will bring a little more love to your day. (Design Love Fest)

8. Floral Ice Cubes: Turn your boring ice cubes into works of art by freezing your edible flowers. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Keepsake Ornament: Placing your wedding flowers in a glass ornament is a great way to keep them for many holiday seasons. You’ll reminisce every year when you decorate your tree. (via The Thrifty Ginger)

10. Pressed Flower Necklaces: Making pretty necklaces from your wedding flowers might just become your new favorite hobby. Give them out to your bridesmaids as a thank you for helping you celebrate your love.

11. Wax Potpourri Sachets: Make your home smell ahhh-mazing with these beeswax sachets made with dried flowers and essential oils. Then display them in your bedroom or bathroom so that you can admire the pretty petals. (via Apartment Therapy)

12. Floral Confetti: Keep the celebration going long after the DJ plays that last song. By creating confetti with your wedding flower petals, you can have fun throwing it in the air on your one-year anniversary or scattering it around your home as a romantic reminder. (via Elli)

13. Earl Grey Panna Cotta Tarts: Reusing your wedding flowers to make dessert is the best of both worlds. Why throw out perfectly good flowers when you can use them to make a tasty treat!? (Kitchen Heals Soul)

14. Dried Flower Backdrop: This dried flower wall decor is a great way to get ready for spring. Showcase your brilliant wedding flower arrangements by hanging them in lines. (via Lave Laundry)

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