At Brit & Co., we’re fans of innovations that improve your social networking experience. Who isn’t? Whether it’s an app that introduces you to new things in your area or one that lets you and your friends compete daily our social lives are pampered by technology. Naturally, we’re excited about one of the newest social networking apps that compiles your social history so you can better connect to the world around you. It’s called Rewind.Me and it does just what its name suggests!

All the check-ins that you made over the past months or years are about to pay off in a big way! Rewind.Me works seamlessly with your Foursquare account to give you a useful digest of your social history. So whether you've forgotten the name of that restaurant where you and your honey had your first date or just can't remember that off-Broadway show you loved, Rewind.Me has you covered. You can browse your complete Foursquare history organized by date, location, or even category to help you get the most of your social experiences and build on your old ones.

But this is supposed to be a social networking app. Although it sounds like you can get a lot from Rewind.Me going it alone, where's the network? Well, it's in the app. When you sign into Rewind.Me and load your Foursquare-using friends list, you will have the ability to gain from their social histories, too. You can use the app to keep up with what your friends are doing on a nightly basis so you can know where they've been by the time you meet up. Or, you can view your friends' complete histories to find other insights. For example, if you wind up in a foreign city for a weekend and need a recommendation or two, check your friends' histories in that city and you'll see what they did, what they liked, and their favorites. Learn from your network's social history without having to call around and see who remembers their favorite restaurant in Hong Kong. Don't feel comfortable with everyone having access to your social history? You have complete control of who sees your check-ins with just a click.

And to make this awesome (free) app even more enticing, there is a visualization of your social activity. These charts and statistics make assessing your check-ins a cinch – and fun too! And since you can also view friends' statistics and visuals, you may find new common interests with old friends (or at least which of your friends goes to karaoke bars the most).

On the horizon for Rewind.Me is a more analytical way or looking at your social life: a score. Somehow this score will quantify you as a socialite and allow you to see how you stack up amongst friends and the whole world. But there's a catch. Rewind.Me needs 25,000 users before they will unveil the scoring feature. Will you help them reach their mark? Let us know what you think of this new and exciting social networking app on Twitter and Facebook.