Crazy-colored hair is becoming increasingly 鈥渘ormal鈥 as more and more bright 鈥榙os continue to pop up. Whether it鈥檚 PSL-inspired, galaxy-colored hair or rainbow hair 鈥 or even fire hair 鈥 the name of the game these days seems to be seeing just how shockingly bright one can get their hair to look. To that, two songstresses recently said, 鈥淐hallenge accepted.鈥

Rihanna and Ellie Goulding are now part of the brightly-colored hair squad! You weren鈥檛 that surprised, though, were you? Rihanna, known for her experimental style, debuted ocean-blue-hued locks over the weekend at the We Can Survive concert while Ellie Goulding, also known for her bold style, rocked her freshly-dyed orange hair at the EMAs.


Rihanna鈥檚 Ocean Blue Hair

RiRi stepped out on stage confidently rocking her fresh, blue hair. The singer opted for a deep shade of royal blue and it looks amazing on her. We love how it鈥檚 a purple-y blue instead of a lighter shade, which is more common in rainbow hair. She threw it up in a loose, casual ponytail for the concert she played on Saturday night, while the rest of her outfit was a business-y pinstripe suit. It was an interesting combo that she totally pulled off. Let鈥檚 be real: What can鈥檛 RiRi pull off?


Ellie鈥檚 Fire-y Orange Hair

Ellie鈥檚 hair took center stage on the EMA鈥檚 red carpet this weekend. Her simple, classy black dress and minimalist heels made her orange hair shine while the casual style kept her look balanced. The deep side part allowed the layers in her haircut to be highlighted while her makeup didn鈥檛 distract from her overall look. While the orange is a lot punchier than her typical blonde 鈥榙o, it is a good way to spice things up around Halloween. Go Ellie, go!

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(Featured photo via Christopher Polk/Getty; photos via Christopher Polk/Anthony Harvey/Getty)