The mesmerizing, dreamy colors of far-off galaxies in space are eye-catching to say the least — they offer endlessly dazzling deep purples, bright pinks, indigo-blues and pops of green that are so pretty they almost don’t look real. The design that forms from the infinite swirling and blending of these colors is an abstract, vibrant display that *used* to be limited to photographs (and dreams), but now these next-level colors are being used as inspo for something totally unexpected: the next hair color trend.


Galaxy hair is here, and it’s in good company alongside other in-your-face hair color trends that actually work on brunettes, like oil slick hair. Inspired by the color combos in pictures of galaxies far, far away, this look is all about mixing different key color groups to get that star-y, space-y vibe. You can stick to cool colors like greens, blues, purples and teals for that deep space feel, opt for a warmer look featuring pinks, yellows, oranges and shades of violet and sky blue to mimic supernovas and shooting stars or mix color groupings to create a look that’s totally out of this world.


Galaxy hair can be done on nearly any mane, but certain haircuts could really highlight this rad color job more than others. Cuts with lots of layers that give your hair a bunch of natural movement would be best for this look — every time you run your fingers through your hair, you can see a new dimension! Just make sure sure you and your stylist are on the same page about how long this look will take to achieve. It can take up to or over five hours because there are so many different color elements involved (and that’s not including time for that new layered chop). But, hey, look at any picture on Instagram tagged with #galaxyhair and you’ll see why this look takes so much time and is totally worth it: It’s insanely pretty, impeccably detailed and a total conversation starter. Be prepared to have strangers tell you they’re over the moon about your hair ;)

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photos via @jessicastrw, @hairbymisskellyo +@lysseon )