Twitter has not been having a good year. The company failed to sell to the likes of Disney, Google and Salesforce. It got taken down in last Friday’s DDoS attack. Today they announced they’ll have to lay off nine percent of their workforce. And now Vine, the beloved shortform video platform, is closing down.


Twitter bought Vine in 2012 but has been slow to develop it more, especially after Vine’s original co-founders quit. Vine announced today that in the coming months the app will be shutting down. The company reassures us that our apps and the website won’t be going anywhere today, and we will still be able to download our Vines. They also say that their website will stay online so that people can still enjoy the Vines that have already been made, saying, “We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way.”

Vine has promised to notify us when changes are coming and to post more on their Twitter account when they have relevant announcements. If you want more short videos of corgi puppies, it looks like you’ll have to stick to YouTube or Instagram.

RIP, Vine. For a brief but glorious moment in history, you had people doing amazing things for a six-second loop.

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(Photo via Vine)