There is no shortage of apps out there to help you digitize your diet in diary form, count your calories and track your every sneakered-step. If you’re feeling fed up by the choices, Rise promises to rise to the top of the options by bringing a one-on-one nutritionist to your smartphone.

Whether you’re looking for a way to lose a pesky last few lbs, bulk up or want to make a serious, lasting life change, Rise is worth a download and a return from diet app retirement. Tell the app who you are, what you eat and share objectives that help it match you with your ideal (certified, btw!) nutrition coach. Choose one from their selections by comparing background info like what diets they’re adept in and whether their approach is more drill sergeant or kindergarten teacher.

Once you’re matched with your nutritionist, it’s weight loss journey time! They’ll help you figure out a plan and stay in touch with you through the app 24/7. Take photos of each meal and they offer up notes and suggestions to help you improve your habits on a daily basis and over time. Their goal is to help you say goodbye to the yoyo effect and embrace a healthier lifestyle. For… life.

The app is free but the service is not — though at $48 a month or $15 a week, Rise is most likely cheaper than visiting a traditional nutritionist. And if it doesn’t work for you, there’s a money back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you’re thinking of testing it out, TechCrunch writer Ryan Lawler gives a really thorough review of his Rise experience here (his photo above!). He lost weight and found himself making lasting changes. And from the 5-star reviews already rolling in, he is not alone.

On-demand, expert and personalized are all things we give +1s to in the app world. Especially if they’re not city-specific and can be accessed no matter where you live. What could be next? A ZocDoc-like app that takes the “?!” out of WebMD-ing every ache and bump? Maybe a matchmaking app that puts a little cyber Cyrano de Bergerac (CYBERANO DE BERGERAPP, anyone??) in your pocket? We’re down to download and test out!

Do you use a diet app? Would you try Rise? What one-on-one app would be the most useful upgrade in your life?