As the very wise Freddie Mercury once said, “We will, we will, rock you.” Now, allow us to follow his lead by sharing what we believe are the most rockin’ DIY projects using rocks, ever. From fancy jewelry to home decor, these ideas will leave you inspired and a tad bit more stylish. But don’t just take our word for it (or Freddie’s for that matter). Peruse our DIY picks that we wholeheartedly believe you should rock right now.

1. Gold Perfection: Bright gold rocks stand up against the competition in this tabletop setting. There’s really nothing more striking that gold against a clean, white design. Love! (via Design Love Fest)

2. Book It: Step up your bookend game big time with not just rock decor, but ombre rock decor. Talk about trends on trends on trends — we’ve gotta try! (via Refinery29)

3. Wine Not?: Is there anything worse than throwing away a cork and then not finishing your bottle of wine? Nope. Which is why this wine stopper DIY is both super chic and super useful. (via Brit + Co)

4. Picture Frame Fun: We’d bet this DIY doesn’t even need instructions. It’s that simple. All it takes is a rock (this one’s smooth but we think craggy ones would look great, too) and some wire, and voila! (via Casa Sugar)

5. Animal Bookends: Oh, you weren’t feeling the ombre? Well, then how about an elephant? This red guy steals the show on a cute and statement-making shelf. (via Little Green Notebook)

6. Magnetic Magic: We’re particularly fond of hefty refrigerator magnets (nothing’s worse than the flimsy ones that can’t hold up a piece of paper). Decorate your rocks in colors of your kitchen decor for a super simple, yet effective DIY. (via Alisa Burke)

7. What a Rock: Sure, this isn’t one of those giant rocks for your finger, but we’ve gotta say: There’s something very special about this gold ring. Hey, we’d rock it! (via Buzzfeed)

8. Catch Those Dreams: We love dream catchers, but we love neon-studded dream catchers even more. Here, painted rocks add a pop of color to a traditional piece. (via A Subtle Revelry)

9. Turquoise Time: We’d be proud to have these turquoise statement necklaces hang from our necks. But you know what would make us even more proud? Knowing we made them ourself! (via Spoonful of Sugar)

We’re slightly obsessed with these chic rock DIYs. Tell us below in the comments: Which one are you going to try first?