Kids around the world have always wanted this invention — and it’s finally here. Who needs hoverboards when you can strap on your trusty ACTON RocketSkates to get from here to there? Yep, we said RocketSkates. This successful Kickstarter-funded project is almost ready to roll (hehe) off the manufacturing line, helping you cruise along the sidewalks of your city like a Segway on legs.

First of all, we need to get this out of the way… there are no rockets or flight involved :( But hey, these motorized skates can go up to 12 mph, so it’s still better than walking. This wearable smart technology straps on over your shoes and is actually quite advanced, thanks to onboard microprocessors.

After you decide which foot will be your lead skate, that one basically bosses the other around. Motion-intuitive, the skates respond when you tilt forward (faster! faster!) and when you tilt back (too fast! too fast!). You can also walk in them, which is helpful if you have some rougher terrain or stairs in the middle of your skate path. If you just want to play, you can control your lead skate remotely as well — attach a GoPro and you have your very own remote-controlled camera dolly.

Another cool feature is the companion iOS and Android app, which connects the skates to smartphones via Bluetooth. The app includes tracking data like mileage and battery life, but there’s also a Geo-Gaming component where you can compete against yourself and other skaters. On your own, you could try out the “shape game,” where you draw a shape on the app’s map and complete the route, picking up virtual points along the way. You can also play capture the flag (our favorite playground game) using your city as a playground.

It’ll cost you a pretty penny to put these grounded jet packs on your feet — pricing starts at $419. But how can you put a price on living a childhood dream, really? If you want to see the skates in action, check out the video below.

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