Ladies, it’s time to call your crew together for a sleepover or impromptu Galentine’s get-together, because there are throwback nail decals in the world, and it’s time for a DIY mani-pedi extravaganza. Artist and self proclaimed “pro weirdo out of SoCal” Sara M. Lyons teamed up with Emerging Thoughts to create an epic ’90s-girl-power nail decal collection… and it’s everything. We want them all, like, yesterday.

Queen Beyonce’s set ($11) is complete with her signature red lipstick, her main squeeze Jay Z, royal paraphernalia (including bow down) and duh, it’s flawless.

TREAT. YO. SELF. ($8) We’ve got all the positive peeps from the Pawnee Parks Dept., but we’re missing Ron Swanson and his signature bacon and eggs.

We. Can’t. Even. Britney’s set ($8) features 21 stills from our pop princess’s most iconic career moments. Spanning her early days as a Mouseketeer to her snake-shimmying “Slave 4 U” performance, we want to get it get it, get it get it — NOW.

Shosh, Jessa, Marnie and Hannah in THAT mesh tank top — the GIRLS ($8) are all here.

Thank you for being a friend. The Golden Girls ($8) were the original Plastics, and we’d hang out on the lanai with them anytime.

Your anaconda don’t, but your nail game will be on point with these Nicki Minaj decals ($8).

We’ve got no shame in admitting to binge-watching season 2 of OITNB ($8) in a weekend. The ladies of Litchfield made us laugh, cry and root for them through thick and thin.

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