We all know how dreamy a trip to the nail salon feels. The scrubbing, the paraffin, the massage… it’s basically an hour of blissful heaven. And that’s exactly what you can give mom this Mother’s Day in your own abode. Nothing says mother/daughter bonding than an at-home mani-pedi sesh. We’ve pulled together 15 essential, user-friendly products that will let you skip the salon and DIY a quality set of nails together.

1. Naturally Clean Purifying Polish Remover ($6): This gentle, nutrient-filled formula takes polish off in a jiffy without drying out your skin and nails.

2. Precision Nail Clipper Set ($12): Your fingers and toes are covered with this duo, in pink or black. (One color for you? One for mom?) The sharp edges are sure to make a clean cut every time.

3. Shape and Shine Nail Tool ($9): So many sides, so many uses! This multi-way tool files, buffs and polishes for a super shiny finish.

4. Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother ($20): If you’re ticklish, the scrubbing and scraping part of a pedicure can be sheer torture. Work at your own pace from home with these guys (tickle breaks totally allowed).

5. Cuticle Nippers ($35): Rid your nails of nasty cuticles with this simple tool. We promise the hardest part of this process will be using your non-dominant hand to clip… so this is where you can help mom out.

6. Cuticle Eraser ($9): And once you’ve worked so hard to get rid of those loose cuticles, say buh-bye to them forever.

7. Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub ($7): This coconut lime scented scrub will be your new best friend, whether you’re playing salon or not. It’ll scrub all dryness and flakiness right off and leave you feeling silky soft.

8. Quick Heat Paraffin Bath ($43): We know, it’s super ambitious. But how awesome would it be to smooth-ify your hands in a paraffin dip whenever you want?

9. Hand Food Hand Cream ($6): A hand cream that feels more like marshmallow? You betcha. Lather it on.

10. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat ($30): This fab base coat is the first step when painting your nails. If you don’t feel like adding color this week, use it as a clear coat; the pink tint keeps your nails from looking yucky and yellow.

11. Essie Nail Polish ($9): With colors like “Bikini So Teeny” and “Sand of a Beach,” you’re both sure to find the perfect shades and names to fit your moods.

12. I Heart Nail Art Pen ($6 each): Get creative with these simple pens. They come in almost every color imaginable and leave a world of designs at our fingertips (pun totally intended).

13. CND Vinylux Nail Polish ($6): CND’s weekly polish is meant to be a happy medium between a standard mani and a gel mani. It dries in just a few minutes and hardens with exposure to natural light. This means a longer lasting set of nails that’s totally DIY-able.

14. Manicure Clean-Up Pen ($5): In case you’re not so fabulous at painting your ma’s nails, this little gem is your new best friend. Totally “uh-oh” proof and ready to remove any smudges.

15. Rapidry Spray Nail Polish Dryer ($12): When your fresh new mani-pedis are looking fly, give them a spritz of drying spray to speed along that dreadful waiting game.

Are you ready to skip the salon and DIY your mani-pedis? What are your favorite tools and products to use when doing your nails? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.