Walking into IKEA is like walking into your (overwhelmingly large) affordable dream house. The Scandinavian home store makes all of your perfect decorating goals seem attainable… and you can plan that well-appointed home while chowing down on some delicious Swedish meatballs. But if you’re looking for a deeper way to connect with IKEA, a slumber party seems like the way to go (we mean, it worked in middle school). And now, you can do just that: You can actually sleep in IKEA overnight.

That’s right, our favorite DIY superstore is teaming up with Airbnb to transform itself into a hotel. Well, kind of. The IKEA store in New South Wales, Australia is allowing three lucky winners to stay in one of their rooms on August 31st. The contest is now closed, but contestants had to sign up with Airbnb and describe (in 25 words of less) why they wanted to spend their night in the decor store. The winner hasn’t been announced yet, but will shortly before the blue-and-yellow party starts.

The three (FREE!) rooms available are all private areas and fit for four family members. The spaces showcase three different styles — modern elegance, rustic charm and urban living — and each one has its own Airbnb listing!

And like any good slumber party, it will be more fun and games than sleeping. IKEA is planning on showing its new BFFs tips and tricks on how to maximize the space in their homes through a few nighttime workshops.

Like we said, this is a one night-only promotional stunt, but we are seriously hoping it’s a success. Could you imagine actually booking a room at your local IKEA?! We imagine it being kinda eerie, but also cool, like getting stuck in a mall or museum overnight. Do you think they’ll have room service for meatballs, hot dogs and ice cream? We hope so.

Would you like to stay overnight at IKEA? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

(h/t Refinery29)