You can stop borrowing your three-year-old nephew’s sippy cup to enjoy your red wine on the white couch. (It’s okay, we can’t all be Olivia Pope.) These modern and chic wine glasses claim to be spill proof, which means it’s time to bring out the all-white party ensembles. Created by San Francisco’s Superduperstudio, the stemless wine glasses prevent spillage through a rim around the outside of the glass. Rather than falling, they roll around the table (built-in wine swirling) and are a fun, yet still classy way to drink wine with even your clumsiest friends.

The Saturn glasses are blown by artisans from Oakland, California and are available in red and white wine sizes that stack easily (wine tower challenge, anyone?). They retail for $52 and are currently so popular, they are on backorder. We can totally see why. We’re picking up a set of these for our next Scandal viewing party.

Who wants one? Would you give up your wine stems for spill-proof glasses? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Food and Wine)