So, it’s Wine Wednesday here at Brit HQ (and tomorrow is Wine Thursday, followed by Wine Friday, and so on). To celebrate we’re rounding up some of our favorite wine racks that you can buy or DIY. Whether you have an extensive collection or you’re just starting out, there’s an storage solution for you. Once you’ve gotten your collection organized, it’s time to imbibe! Might we suggest these wine slushies or maybe a delicious sangria?

1. Reclaimed Wine Rack Set ($138): Made from recycled shipping palettes, these unique racks not only hold your favorite bottles, they also have space to store your glasses below.

2. Stacked Wine Storage ($30): This geometric wine rack can either be hung on the wall or stacked on a shelf. Plus, you can combine multiple units (each of which store five bottles) to create a unique sculpture all your own.

3. Oenophilia 6 Bottle Climbing Tendril Hanging Wine Rack ($30): This hanging holder is reminiscent of a grape vine, which we find rather fitting. It’s also available in chrome.

4. PVC Wine Bottle Holder: Take a trip to the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store to create this geometric wine rack. We can also imagine how great it would look with a couple coats of spray paint. (via Adventures in Creating)

5. Wood & Metal Industrial Wine Rack ($99): For the budding collector, this 28-bottle rack will keep your wine club shipments organized. We also love how well the mixed materials—wood and galvanized steel—work together.

6. Wood Plank Wine Rack: If you’re comfortable with your power tools, this DIY wine rack is for you. Simply bore holes big enough for the bottle necks at an angle, and you have a rack that’s ready to hang. (via Camille Styles)

7. 6 Bottle Wave Wine Rack ($70): This gravity defying wine rack holds your six favorite bottles (or at least the ones you plant to drink next) in a wave-like arc on your counter or bookshelf.

8. Bali 12-Bottle Wine Rack ($60): If you want something with a bit more color and movement, we recommend this wave inspired wine rack in a bright lacquered red.

9. DIY Roof Tile Wine Rack: Who would have thought terra cotta roofing tiles could be turned into such a creative wine rack when combined with an old dresser. We’d love to see this with a fresh coat of paint. What color would you use? (via Vine Dawgs)

10. Wine Enthusiast Urban Wall Wine Rack Display ($50): Keep those corks wet by storing your vino on its side. We love that this wine rack stores almost a full case and makes great use of vertical space in a small apartment or home.

11. Lacquer Wine Rack ($39): If you want a minimalist storage solution, this white 6-bottle unit is your best bet. It will fit perfectly on a bookcase or bar.

12. Plumbing Pipe Wine Rack: Go for an art installation look wit this wall-mounted, DIY wine rack made from plumbing pipes and flanges. Just be sure you measure correctly so your bottles don’t fall through the cracks. (via Rachael Ray)

13. Iron Design Company Wine Rack ($250): Don’t be fooled, this wine rack is actually made of metal, not fabric. It’s pricey, yes, but it’s also a work of art.

14. Nambe Wine Rack, Eclipse ($225): We’re not exactly sure how those bottles don’t fall out of this wood and metal wine rack. But we’ll trust in the designers to keep our vino safe.

15. ZeBag ($40): You probably recognize this wine holder that can be a hanging rack, a shelf rack or a wine tote from our coverage last year. What can we say, it’s still one of our favorites.

16. Bottle Riddler ($50-$100): Designed to mimic the traditional riddler racks used in making Champagne, these wooden slat racks add a touch of weathered charm to your home.

17. Jakob Wagner Wall-Mounted Wine Rack ($59): The brilliance of this design is that the holders are adjustable and can hold regular wine bottles, slim-necked dessert wines, or even champagne bottles.

18. DIY Countertop Wine Rack: If you want to try your hand at a woodworking project, might we suggest starting with this one? It’s a great beginner project that can easily be customized. And because the instructions come from a hardware store, the materials are all easy to source and there’s an easy-to-follow diagram. (via Lowe’s)

19. Wall Mount Honeycomb Wall Rack ($40): We love this mid-century-modern-inspired wine rack—without the traditional mid-century modern price tag, of course!

20. Houdini Wine Rack ($15): If you don’t always have a wine stash at your home, consider this wire rack which folds flat for storage and fits just four bottles. Of course, you can always snap multiple racks together if your collection expands.

21. DIY A-Frame Wine Rack: Plywood, hinges, and bright cord are all it takes to make this simple folding wine rack. And when you’re out of vino, you can fold it up and stash it away. (Not that we would recommend running out of wine!) (via A Girl Who Makes)

22. Under Cabinet Chrome Wine Rack ($32): If space is at a premium make use of the area under your cabinets. Plus, you’ll be able to grab a glass and a bottle in one fell swoop.

23. Bicycle Wine Rack ($29): A mobile option for those of you who need to take some wine to go, this leather “rack” straps on to the crossbar of your bike. Just don’t drink and ride. (You can find tons more bike gadgets & gear here.)

24. InterMetro Wine Rack (from $169): If you’re serious about starting a collection, and maybe someday a wine cellar, invest in one of these racks that can store up to 36 bottles of wine. When everything is single stacked that is.

25. FedEx Tube Wine Rack: We’ve got a special delivery for you! Those triangular FedEx boxes made for shipping golf clubs or other long, skinny items are shockingly perfect for wine storage as well. Just cut the box into shorter sections and stack away. (via Make)

How do you store your wine collection at home? Tell us in the comments, and stay tuned later this week for our fun DIY version.