Moms of the world, do us a quick favor. Go to the cupboard where you keep your drinking glasses. Are you there?

Okay, open it.

If it’s anything like our cupboard, it’s mega full of glasses and cups that you’ve been accumulating since college. And since you already have quite the collection, wouldn’t it be nice if your tots could use what is already there without you having to worry about your carpets, drapes, couches, pillows and rugs becoming saturated with spilled drinks?

Momtrepreneurs and industrial designers, Sativa Turner and Michelle Ivankovic, thought it would be. They started a company called Double/Double and developed a line of products called SipSnaps, which raked in over $130,000 during their recent Kickstarter campaign, blowing away their $28,000 goal.

Made with food-safe silicone that’s BPA and phthalate free, SipSnaps are universal drinking lids that you can literally use on any glass in your cupboard. There are two options here, one called Tots, for, you guessed it, toddlers, and then one called Kids, for, you didn’t guess it… adults (and fine, kids can use it too).

SipSnap Tot turns even your most sophisticated tumbler into a sippy cup. The silicone topper can be stretched over any cup, no matter what material, no matter where you are. There are nice extras included, like the chew-resistant spout (based on the sippy cups sitting in my sister’s house, this is important) and a roll-stop bumper for any temper-tantrum-cup-throwing episodes. The toppers also come with a carrying case, so you can throw one or three in your purse without it coming out filled with crumbs, sand or any of that other stuff that somehow accumulates in the bottom of our purses.

If you do want to add some kid-specific cups to your cupboard, you should probably think about picking up Double Double’s bamboo cups. They’re break-proof, dishwasher safe, stackable and biodegradable, making them the-oh-so-much-better alternative to plastic. And since they’re totally plant-based, it means you aren’t putting your wee ones near a petroleum-laced product. You can literally plant these cups in the ground once your kids grow out of them, but we think you’re going to want to keep them around forever.

For a more adult option (despite its name), there’s the SipSnap Kid. Again, you’ve got your spill-proof drinking in bright, poppy colors, but this time with a spot for a straw. We can see this coming in handy when you’re walking to work, sucking down your green juice while wearing all white denim, or when you’re trying to get your eight glasses of agua in at your desk while avoiding hanging your head in shame when you tell the IT department that you spilled on your keyboard… AGAIN! If you’re getting the SipSnap Kid for yourself, we think you best get the set of five stainless steel straws for $7. I own one of these straws. It looks smart and is so much less waste then popping the plastic every day.

Get a set of three SipSaps, either the Tot or the Kid for $21. And when you place your order, you can pick from totally day-brightening color schemes like Rise ‘n’ Shine (berry, grapefruit and lemon), Blue Quench, (three hues of indigo), Coastal (red, black and teal) and Sandbox (red, teal and lime green). They’re set to start shipping in September.

Would you use a SipSnap at work? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Method for helping us launch Brit Kids!