Most mornings, we’re forced to choose between doing our makeup or doing our hair. Whether you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times or completely missed the wakeup call altogether, getting your hair and makeup game on point for school when you’re running late is no easy task. Thankfully, YouTube is practically candy land for those looking for hair tutorials in a jiffy. While there are many amazing YouTubers out there giving stellar hair advice, we’re sharing a cheat-sheet of 10 of the best back-to-school looks for the upcoming academic year. Scroll on and get ready to start taking notes on these hairstyles.

1. Five Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Work + School by Danielle Mansutti: This easy-peasy video is going to give you some seriously stylish tresses for your first days back at school. We’re giving major bonus points since you can rock a different style for each day of the school week. (via Danielle Mansutti)

2. Running Late: Quick & Easy Hairstyles: These ladies know more than a thing or two about hair. They’re here to help you get ready and get to class in style. (via Eleventh Gorgeous)

3. Four Cute Back-to-School Hairstyles: Roxi’s tutorials are all about ease, simplicity and pretty details. While these specific styles may seem geared for those with longer hair, they’re actually totally adaptable if you’re rockin’ a long bob or other medium-length cut. (via by Roxxsaurus)

4. Four Hairstyles for Short/Medium Hair: Edwards’s tutorial features her creating gorgeous looks on her sister’s natural, medium-length hair. Even if you don’t have a hair-whiz older sis, we’re betting you can totally accomplish these looks on your own. (via Chime Edwards)

5. Running Late for School: Quick Hair Fixes, Makeup + Outfit Ideas: Mota is, without a doubt, one of YouTube’s most well-known beauty vloggers. Her bubbly personality makes her incredibly likable, but hey, she’s also awesome at beauty advice. These hairstyles are super simple, cute and fast— exactly what you need! (via Bethany Mota)

6. Five Insanely Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles + Outfits: Sierra’s tutorial was made for ladies who love accessorizing their hairstyles. Whether it’s a sparkling headband or a floppy hat, if you’re looking to add quick detail to your school look, this tutorial is the one for you. (via SierraMarieMakeup)

7. 14 Easy Heatless Hairstyles: Adela is able to incorporate a whopping 14 hairstyles into this video. Since there is no voiceover throughout the vid, you may need to rewatch it a few times, but there’s a lot of inspiration in this super quick vlog. (via Adela)

8. From Flat to Defined: Wash ‘n’ Go Curly Hair Routine: If voluminous curly hair is what you’re hunting for, then Estefani has the tutorial for you. Her incredible curls are totally envy-worthy, and she’s thankfully gracious enough to spill her secrets to you. (via Much More Than Beauty)

9. How To: Quick + Easy Hairstyles: Of course, we had to include YouTube guru and uber-successful author Zoella! Her tutorial is geared for those days when you’re running late but still want to add a little umph to your look. She moves through updos, half-up top knots and braids seamlessly, so you won’t be stuck with the same look two times in a row. (via Zoella)

10. Back-to-School: Five Quick No-Heat Hairstyle Ideas: Here’s the thing: The last thing most of us need when getting ready is someone recommending we curl or blow out our locks. This braid-heavy video skips the heat, leaving you a few more minutes to snooze in bed. (via Bethany Mota)

Do you have any staple back-to-school hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below!