We’ve all been there. We hit the alarm one too many times and end up generously spritzing on some dry shampoo and rocking that second- (or third-, or fourth-) day hair. While we all know that skipping the daily wash is actually a good thing (not to mention a total time saver), it doesn’t always leave us with the most attractive or office-ready results. Enter these 12 second-day ‘dos that prove unwashed hair doesn’t always have to be a mess, and if it is you can make it a deliberate one. So put it in a five-minute bun or an easy braid, and get ready to flaunt some gorgeous second-day styles ready for the office and beyond.


1. Half Knot: For the lazy girl who’s always on trend, this half-knot exudes that carefree, just-rolled-out-of-bed attitude while still showing off some serious style. Wear it on casual Friday or dress it up with a #girlboss blazer. (via Travel & Treasures)


2. Simple Braid: Let’s go back to the classics. The low braid is the the mother of all second-day hair, masking unwashed locks in a simple, pretty style. Whether you work in a corporate environment or you’re working from home, this ‘do fits the bill. (via @collagevintage)


3. Braided Bun: Got a strict workplace dress code? Kick things up a notch and twist your low braid into a neat braided bun to give yourself a more tailored look. (via @amberfillerup)


4. Head Wrap: This option is perfect for when you want to hide your hair but don’t want to wear a hat to the office. Wrap one of your favorite scarfs around that trendy “meh” hair for major cool-girl vibes. (via Brit + Co)


5. Messy Fishtail: This bedhead braid is as quick and easy as it looks. Create the look by making a loose fishtail braid, then wrap stray strands around it. This makes your messy ‘do seem more intricate and professional. (via Travel & Treasures)


6. Bubble Ponytail: Give your standard pony a little something extra by adding evenly spaced clear elastics, like ASOS Pieces Hair Elastics ($7) for a sleek and modern look. (via ASOS)


7. The Halfsie: Stroll into your morning meeting with effortless appeal. The halfsie style involves twisting a half bun and letting the ends fall loose, leaving you with a relaxed twisted ‘do. (via The Beauty Department)


8. High Bun: Pile your second-day hair high for serious I-got-this attitude. Pin back any loose strands to give this updo a clean-cut look. (via @fisayolonge)


9. Grown-Up Topsy Tail: Want an intricate but easy and HR-approved style? Try this modern take on a classic by starting with a low pony and looping it through itself, then wrap in any loose locks for sophisticated detail. (via Byrdie)


10. Long-Haired Tousled Ponytail: On days when you’re really running late, rely on a messy-hair staple: the tousled pony. This bouncy long-hair look will take you from the boardroom to that networking event: no adjustments needed. (via Brit + Co)


11. Boxer Braids: Boxer braids are everywhere these days and the office should be no exception. Wear this ‘do at the office, to the gym or to weekend brunch — it’s a go-to for hiding that second-day mane. (via @thisisayden)


12. Messy Half Braid: Just because you’re giving half the effort doesn’t mean you can’t rock fully gorgeous tresses. Replicate this style by setting aside strands and wrapping them around your DDG disheveled braid. (via The Beauty Department)

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