We all have unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions — those empty promises we make to ourselves about goals we wish we could achieve but then forget about until the following year. This vicious cycle ends today with Best Self Co.’s simple but powerful SELF Journal. The SELF Journal helps you stop reacting to the events of the day and start proactively planning, executing and measuring your goals, ensuring your success.

Instead of setting yearly goals that are bound to be abandoned, in the SELF Journal, you set shorter-term goals through the journal’s 13-week road map. This gives you a realistic amount of time to act on a goal, along with a sense of urgency that is more likely to lead to success. The compact, 8.25 x 5.5-inch journal with a navy cloth cover also contains a daily timeline that runs from 6am – 9pm and is further broken down into 30-minute increments. This will help you be more intentional with your time and focus on the tasks that matter most to you. The journal even prioritizes the most critical tasks on a given day, so that you can perform them first and optimize your workflow for the remainder of the day.

Unlike conventional planners, the SELF Journal doesn’t stop with setting short-term goals; the 20 Mile March feature helps you develop a consistent life strategy for success so that you can finally answer the dreaded question, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Even as you track your progress with the journal’s visual goal tracker, the journal encourages you to enjoy the present moment by leaving all journal entries undated. This totally transforms the notion of falling behind on your priorities by giving you the flexibility and freedom to get ahead of your goals for today, tomorrow and the future. Blank grid pages let your imagine run wild with free space for taking notes, sketching or brainstorming your next brilliant idea. The journal’s habit-tracking feature helps you turn your ideas into lifelong positive behaviors.

In the SELF Journal, you don’t succeed simply by tracking and measuring your progress toward goals, but by reflecting on them. The journal provides space to ruminate on your wins and lessons learned. In addition, the journal leverages proven fundamentals of positive psychology to help you ditch negative thoughts and cultivate a practice of expressing your gratitude every morning and evening. With the journal’s motivational quotes and happiness tracking feature, you’ll be able to observe and document the feel-good effects of the journal over time.

If you want to support Best Self Co.’s mission to help you stop setting goals and start achieving them, check out their Kickstarter campaign. You can pledge $1 or more to receive a PDF of the journal or $26 or more to receive a SELF journal and a PDF on successful morning routines.

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(Images via Kickstarter)