Just like that Rihanna reign, the selfie reign just won鈥檛 let up. Front-facing camera snaps are just a part of life, especially since accessory after accessory has entered the scene to make capturing the best pic easier. Or鈥 creepier. Whether your snapping gadget of choice is the Fonhandle, an actual selfie stick, Kim KW鈥檚 secret weapon or 鈥 dare we say it 鈥 the Belfie Stick, the newest solo shot improver is literally giving you a hand when it comes to making your shots perfect. Allow us to introduce you to the Selfie Arm.


The latest entry into the selfie-taking game, the Selfie Arm, is none other than an actual arm for users to hold on to while posing away. Now you can finally recreate @muradosmann鈥檚 famous shots, single or not. The creation of Aric Snee + Justin Crowe, this tool for the selfie-obsessed is described as a 鈥渟arcastic solution to a quintessential problem 鈥 nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves.鈥 Welp, at least the artists are in on the joke. Made of fiberglass, the arm is lightweight and portable, so photo sessions can conveniently happen anywhere, providing users with the illusion of holding someone鈥檚 hand. Cute, right? No?


While the Selfie Arm is currently just a prototype acting as a 鈥渄irect commentary on the growing selfie stick phenom and the constant, gnawing need for narcissistic internet validation,鈥 there are 10 artist-signed pieces available for $6,200 each if you hate feeling alone when taking those pictures and must get your real hands on a fake one. It could be just the subtle alternative needed for all the events you鈥檒l be attending this year that have already banned the original stick.

Would you pick up a Selfie Arm for your solo photoshoots? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t designboom, photos via Justin Crowe)