The days start to go by quicker, the weeks *even* faster, and before you know it, it’s time for graduation. Yep, another batch of grads is just around the corner, and it’s time to get those senior pictures snapped and in the mail. Stuck on what senior picture pose ideas to do for yours? That’s where this inspo comes in. Get some DIY graduation cap ideas, pick out your last-minute graduation gifts, and get ready to never take another boring cap-and-gown picture ever again.


1. Use Scrabble Tiles. When in doubt, Scrabble tiles are always an easy go-to. Raid your board game stash and collect tiles that spell things like “senior” or “grad.” Then, arrange them in your hands and snap away. (via Teri Klinger Photography)


2. Blow Confetti. Can you go wrong with confetti? Answer: absolutely not. Pick up a pack at the craft store and recreate this picture to give your traditional cap-and-gown picture a little oomph. (via Jimmy Song Photography)


3. Hit a Country Road. Instead of taking a few photos on your campus, hit the back roads and snap a few there. It’ll leave you with something *totally* worth framing. (via Bldg 25 Blog)


4. Hang Out Upside Down. Why stand right-side up when you can hang like this? Add a fun backdrop and pop on your favorite dress (and crazy socks) for a senior picture that’s anything but boring. (via Leslee Mitchell)


5. Wear Your Cap and Gown. If doing something extravagant just to get a picture isn’t your thing, opt for this rockin’ pose instead. It takes your regular graduation pictures to the next level and makes for an epic new phone wallpaper too. (via Paige Vaughn)


6. Dip Your Feet. Lake girls, rejoice! If you’re a mermaid at heart, sit on the dock and dip your toes in the water. The simplicity is beautiful and elegant, and the chance your mom is going to frame it is extremely high. (via Leigh Elizabeth Photography)


7. Opt for a Brick Wall. There’s no sense in getting a crazy expensive backdrop when you can use the great outdoors. Find your favorite brick wall in town and take a few shots in front of it like this gal did. (via Ascension Visionary Concepts)


8. Pose With Your Bestie. Surviving school without your besties is kind of an impossible task, which is why including them in your senior pictures is perfect. Plus, opting for something super casual like this is totes adorable and budget-friendly. (via Anchelle Photography)


9. Walk on a Bridge. Finding a quaint bridge around town is all it takes to make your senior snaps one of a kind. It’ll make for some epic walking shots. (via Lisa McNiel)


10. Use a Stair Railing. Color is never ever a bad idea. Look around for the prettiest stair railing that complements your outfit, and you can make a gorgeous photo op out of it. (via Miss Bey)


11. Make a Senior Banner. It’s time to get your DIY on. Make a banner with your name or one that says “senior” and take some pictures with the sunset. It doesn’t get any more #ClassOf2016 than that. (via Angie Blackburn Photography)


12. Make It Boho. Channel your inner boho princess to recreate this picture. Find a swing, add some foliage, and put on your favorite flowing dress. People will be asking you to stage their senior pics STAT. (via Alex Beadon Photography)


13. Sit on a Staircase. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, hit up the old steps behind a building downtown. Put together a sharp outfit and sit on the rusted staircase to create a super artsy shot. (via Trashness)


14. Go Casual. If jeans and a t-shirt are your cup of tea, then this one will be right up your alley. Click a few shots on the streets in a cute-meets-casual outfit — you won’t regret it. (via Portraits by Cynthi)


15. Find a Simple Background. If you’re a girly girl at heart, throw on a trendy dress and punchy shoes. Keep the background simple so all eyes can be on you, and strike a pose. (via Lux Senior Photography)


16. Take Downtown Shots. Embrace your city-girl side and take your senior pictures on the streets. Add some color with a jumbo balloon to celebrate the big day. (via Munfy)


17. Snap With Your Dog. You know what they say about a man and his dog. Take a few pictures with your furry friend, because pups make everything cuter. (via Courtney Griffin Photography)


18. Take Pics at Home. A girl and her dog are just as adorable together. If you’re looking for something V casual, take your pictures in the comfort of your home with your four-legged friend. (via Wendy VonSosen Photography)


19. Add a Flower Crown. You probably wore a flower crown or two through school. Add one to your outfit and capture a few pictures outside to recreate this beautiful scene. (via Clara Bella Photography)

20. Be Silly. Take a super casual approach *and* make a funny face, because life is too short to be serious all the time. (via Photogrist)

21. Prioritize Color. Emphasize bright colors and textures for an eye-catching portrait. Spice up the frame with balloons or other props to add a playful element. Because *your* future is oh-so-bright! (via House of Harper)

22. Pose With Your Squad. You spend every waking moment with your trusted pals, why not senior pose together too? (via Three Bird Nest)

23. Less Is More. Create a super artsy portrait by emphasizing your backdrop. Trees are a great choice because they’re lovely without being distracting. (via Logan Cole Blog)

24. Lean on Me. Find the right lighting and strike a pose. We love the laid-back, countryside feel of this portrait. (via Jamie Y Photography)

25. Surf’s Up. Get snapped doing what you love — whether it’s school sports or ocean shredding! Make sure you capture what best represents YOU. (via Brian K Crain Photo)

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