Start ordering those floaties and trendy one-pieces ASAP 鈥 it鈥檚 time to have a pool party, even if you don鈥檛 actually have a pool yet! Thanks to Modpools, you can set up a fully functioning pool almost anywhere your heart desires. And we鈥檙e not talking the inflatable variety either. These babies have *all* the amenities (think: smartphone-enabled heating, jets, and color-changing LED lights) and they can be delivered straight to your door. Read on to learn why some people are calling this 鈥渢he pool of the future,鈥 and how you can get your hands on one STAT.

The secret lies in Modpools鈥 patented shipping container, which effortlessly relocates your pool from warehouse to doorstep. Once it arrives, the modular design can be installed in- or above-ground, then filled with water in a matter of minutes.

And just when you think the party鈥檚 over, the pool can be converted into a hot tub! That鈥檚 right. All Modpools come equipped with a standard divider, so by simply sectioning off a portion and cranking up the heat via your smartphone, you can have your very own outdoor spa. Best of all, this pool leaves a tiny carbon footprint, so whether you鈥檙e taking a dip or soaking in warm suds, you can feel good about your backyard addition.

Modpools start at $27,000 and come in two, ready-to-assemble sizes. They can be shipped worldwide, so regardless of where you鈥檙e at, a new pool is just a click away.

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(Photos via Modpools)