Love big colors, silly words and fun patterns? Then you will probably be just as obsessed with this cheeky set of school supplies as we are. A brand new maker in the B+C Shop, Happy Jackson is all about adding an element of play to our daily lives.

From lunch boxes to flasks (yes, a flask is a school supply, especially if you’re entering senior year of college and have already turned in your thesis), this collection of goods will definitely make you smile.

1. Wakey Wakey Travel Mug ($12): Time to get up! Now, if only your roommate or partner would fill this up and leave it on your nightstand just minutes before your alarm goes off… ;)

2. Very Healthy Snacks ($11): You pack carrots and celery and are damn proud of it, so you need this box. Or… you stash away Cheetos and Cheez-Its and don’t want anyone to steal ’em.

3. Random Crap Large Jotter ($12): Like to keep your work notes, life notes and rants-while-commuting in one place? Keep it all together in one hilarious catch-all notebook.

4. Genius Tools ($13): We can think of some silly things besides pens and pencils to keep in our genius tool kit.

5. Awesome Hip Flask ($29): Hear, hear!

6. Serious Notebook ($12): We are very VERY serious about notebooks around here.

7. Pen Orgy Pencil Case ($13): I mean. It’s a pencil case that says PEN ORGY. What more do you need to know?

8. Cheerful Pencils, Set of 6 ($12): Make today beautiful? We’ll do our darnedest, every single day!

9. Not So Healthy Snacks ($15): Forget about that rabbit food — use this bright box to stow away potato chips, cake and chocolate for your afternoon snack.

10. Woah! Nice Nails! ($20): Keep those nails in order with this colorful kit.

What’s on your back to school shopping list? Talk to us on Twitter, and remember to tag #shopbrit.