Update: This post was part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. But, you know the ’90s are always in style so keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

Peeps, overalls are out. I mean, would you rock farmer-style overalls to your debut on The Grind? No, we didn’t think so. That’s why, we’re cutting off the bottoms of our boring old basics and jamming on this summer’s winning trend: the “shortall.” And guess what? You could NOT be a farmer in these clothes.

 – old overalls (we used a pair of denim ones by GUESS)

– bleach

 – spray bottle

– fabric scissors

– cheese grater

– needle nose pliers


1. Put on your overalls and mark how short you want them.

2. Use a ruler to measure across each leg.

3. Cut!

4. Use a cheese grater and needle nose pliers to create a distressed look.

5. Finally, spray with bleach to create the acid-washed look. Classic!

You probably have all the tools you need in one handy DIY caboodle ;)

The first thing to do is try on your overalls. With arms straight make a mark where your fingertips hit on the jeans. Draw a straight line and cut. Use that piece as a measuring tool for the other leg. This way both will be the same length!

Using your fingers, fray the bottom edges of the jeans. You will need to pull at the white strings to create fringe. Try using a cheese grater to get even more distress.

To create worn-out tears cut two small parallel lines. Fray the ends and then start pulling out the denim strings with pliers. This will leave the white weaving behind.

Finally, create the bleach mixture by mixing three parts bleach to one part water. Mix in a spray bottle. Spray onto your overalls in a random fashion to create the acid-washed effect.

Boom! Totally wearing these to Lollapalooza, yo!

What are your warm weather staples? Talk to us in the comments below.