So many buzzwords, so little fridge space. This week in LOL land, we bring you a very important Kickstarter to help you master the art of Silicon Valley jargon. “Dr. Coco Krumme” has launched a vital new platform to help you put your best entrepreneurial foot forward. Y’all know about magnetic poetry, right? Well, Silicon Valley Magnets is a set of magnets that help you make poetry with tech industry buzzwords.

This hilarious campaign has already reached its goal of $3,000 on Kickstarter, with a few more weeks to go. A $14 pledge will get you a magnet set and $59 will get you a secret VIP magnet bonus (as well as your name listed as an Angel Investor). One person has even pledged more than $1,000 in order to (among other things) have their name printed on a vanity magnet that will be included in everybody else’s set.

The Kickstarter page says it best: “What could possibly go wrong? The economy’s great! Everything’s awesome! The biggest source of risk probably has to do with some kind of failure in the laws of magnetism, but seriously, when’s the last time that happened? Probably ages ago, before the Internet was even invented!”

What buzzwords do you think belong in this set? Let us know in the comments!