No matter the size of your house or apartment, if you put up a gallery wall of photos or prints, your pad will automatically feel like Versailles. If only the regal transformation were at all easy, but it’s not. There’s actual pen-to-paper plotting involved, not to mention the rigorous curation process of 5+ complementary images. And then, the ultimate task of translating your Tetris-like layout onto your wall with grid-like precision on the FIRST try (gulp).

Yeah, it’s definitely a patience-trying task reserved for the pro homemakers among us, unless you lean on the streamlining powers of Simply Galleries. The canvas-printing service turns the chore into a DIY basic by letting you drag and drop your photos into gallery templates that you can view on your OWN walls before you click “order.”

Simply Galleries takes the “no tape measurer allowed approach” to planning your perfectly spaced gallery wall. Specs? Measurements? Oh, you don’t really need those when you can just rely on a virtual calibration process to ensure your cluster of canvases is the right size for your room… wait, really? Deep breathe, type-As. Ya’ll can TRUST the peeps behind this service: They pretty much fool-proofed the technology with their lauded Preveal app, which is basically a more beefed up version of Simply Galleries made especially for professional photographers. Plus, calibrating your very own blank wall of choice is super simple. And you were about to complain that there wasn’t math involved?

Once your room and collection of high-res photos are uploaded to the Simply Galleries designer, start messin’ with the slew of gallery wall templates to see which will work best in your space. Maybe perk up your office with a basic three-across layout, or even pimp out your living room with an impressive double-digit patchwork sprawl. Mom would probably love that.

Then, start dragging and dropping! Really, you were born to do this bit, and you can’t mess it up. Simply Galleries will warn you if your photo resolution isn’t high enough for the given canvas, and if by the end you’re not feelin’ the cluster, just grab a new one to test drive — after all of that, your real walls will still be tape, tack and hole-free.

Simply Galleries guarantees (or your money back!) that your virtual canvases will look just as splendid IRL. They’re gallery wrapped (that means no raw edges) to look extra polished and are crafted ready-to-hang by one of the country’s finest canvas printers. Ooh, don’t you just love it when tech enables you to completely customize artisan-quality products to fit your taste exactly? We’d certainly put that on display.

Would you use a service like Simply Galleries? What other ways do you customize your photos and prints online? Tell us in the comments below.