If you’re single, you know just how awesome that can be – no one to fight for the remote, no one to crowd your bed, and no one to veto your choice of restaurant. That’s why not being in love with someone else can be the best time to celebrate loving yourself. And what better day to celebrate your mad love for yourself than the most love-filled holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day!

Despite what some nagging relatives try to make us believe (seriously, go away Aunt Barb!), being single isn’t a result of character flaws or failing to find the ‘right one.’ A Valentine’s Day Dining survey conducted by OpenTable, the ‘world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations,’ has the proof that we’ve long figured this one out.

woman eating donut

“Exploring everything from attitudes towards Valentine’s Day marriage proposals to dinner table social media use, and ultimately revealing that singles aren’t dreading the holiday – contrary to popular belief,” OpenTable explained in a press release citing the survey which included over 5000 responses from across the US.

A few fun facts from the survey:

  •  Many singles (42 percent) are looking forward to dining out for Valentine’s Day this year.
  •  Almost half of the singles (46 percent) who plan to dine out for Valentine’s Day plan to share their experiences on social media (of course!) with one in five (21 percent) planning to share food photos.
  •  One in three singles (35 percent) plan to dine with multiple platonic friends or family members.

But how do surveyed singles feel about other peoples’ V-Day PDAs or V-Day proposals?

“More than half (59 percent) of the singles surveyed are fine with couples’ PDA at the table, saying it is okay to feed your date a bite of food, à la Lady and the Tramp. However, singles are less enthusiastic about the concept of Valentine’s Day marriage proposals with one in three (36 percent) indicating that any day of the year would be better, whereas only one in four (25 percent) of married respondents shared this sentiment.”

So, PDA and sharing food? “I do!” Valentine’s proposal? “I don’t!”

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