Nowadays, basic just doesn’t cut it — especially when it comes to skincare. There’s been a clear shift in the direction of personalization and away from the one-for-all approach to tackling issues like aging, discoloration, and even sun protection. The thing is, finding a customized fix that actually meets all of your needs can be just as daunting as skimming through the serum aisle at the drugstore. With focus on specific ingredients, and with the help of a curated roster of dermatologists, SkinCeuticals is introducing a new type of individualized skin treatment called CUSTOM D.O.S.E., and it’s pretty amazing. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What It Is…

CUSTOM D.O.S.E. is a serum created to meet your individual skin needs at that moment. It falls into the corrective category of the brand’s lineup and features ingredients designed to address concerns including discoloration, rough texture, and specific issues like melasma. It also takes into consideration how sensitive your skin may be and how the product may work with your current routine.

There are 33 unique combinations of the ingredients, which include 14 highly concentrated actives like glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinol, and blueberry extract to address discoloration and signs of aging. Since the formulas lack preservatives in the mix, each bottle has a shelf life, at the most potent stage, of three months. It won’t necessarily go bad after that time, but it won’t be as effective in helping you meet your skin goals.

How it works

Thinking you want to get in on this must-try skin fix? You’ll first need to make an appointment with a derm who offers CUSTOM D.O.S.E.. Like any other doc visit, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your current skin concerns, what product you’re using, goals, and any ingredients that you may have a sensitivity to. You can choose between a hydro-alcohol or lotion base, depending on your skin type, and then the other ingredients are mixed in. The derm will determine the percentage of each ingredient based on what you’re trying to achieve, so you can have faith in a safe, results-driven blend.

Each D.O.S.E. comes labeled with your name, a list of the ingredients in your bottle, and instructions on how and when to you use it. Retinol-infused solutions should be used at night and those without can be used during the day. If your skin is sensitive, you’ll likely have a serum with non-irritating, brightening and exfoliating alternatives like licorice root extract and hepes.

After three months, the idea is that you’ll revisit your derm to evaluate the changes to your skin, at which point they’ll either mix up a new bottle of your current formula (all info is saved and stored with a specific ID unique to you) or, what’s more likely to happen, the next phase of your glow up. You can then reconfigure the mashup of ingredients to address any new skin goals and blend a new batch.

In the first phase of the rollout, 16 dermatologists throughout the country currently offer the customized product, and it will be available with an additional 50 by the end of the year. Each one ounce bottle will run you $195. The trick to trying it yourself is finding a derm near you that offers this innovative skincare solution. To do so, visit

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