Let’s not kid ourselves that Thanksgiving is all about the food. What everyone really comes for are the festive drinks (no, just us?). Not everyone has the space for a bar as impressive as your local hangout. But even in small spaces there’s room to get creative and maximize your space while keeping the liquor supplier organized. Take a swig at these small bar hacks and bar cart organization tips that will get you fully stocked (and ready for the crowd) from the big feast to the New Year.

1. Bookshelf Bar: Clear off your bookshelf for the evening, because you won’t be reading. Spread out your liquor and mixers du jour, sprinkle in a garnish bowl or two, place the napkins and prep for the doorbell. We guarantee this bookshelf will never feel more alive. No worries if you don’t already have one up — you can easily install a pair of shelves to the wall the night before the holiday shindig, then stock up this makeshift bar. (via The Every Girl)

2. Use Trays to Organize: Trays are essential accessories whether you have a bar cart or not (you’ve got one laying around somewhere, right?). These helpful surfaces keep glasses or bottles or whatever you want to stay corralled organized. Added perk: You can set them up anywhere — on a table by themselves, in a cabinet or in the fridge to cool bottles off. So if the party is heading outside, take the bar along. (via Apartment Therapy)

3. Tuck Your Liquor Away: This DIY is brilliant for saving floor space so everyone has more room to mingle (or get down). Plus, you’ll be able to shut the door when guests are gone. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Mixing Saviors: Picking up a sticky straw or stirrer is the last thing you want to do when you’re having a fantastic night. Luckily the hostess can prevent this disaster by tossing them into a mason jar or any party-ready container. (via Glitter Guide)

5. Upside Down Glasses: Instantly make more room in a cabinet or even under the shelf of a bar cart by adding under-cabinet stemware holders. Now there’s more than enough room for all the stemless glasses you’ve been eyeing. (via I Heart Organizing)

6. Wheels Up, Bookshelf: Make a small bar cart for your tight quarters with this IKEA bookshelf hack accented with glorious gold. Wheel it with you wherever you’re feelin’ thirsty. (via Sugar and Cloth)

7. TV Tray Partay: The ultimate small space hack: DIY a TV tray into a makeshift bar cart with some paint and accenting decals, then fold it up when it’s not in use! (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Awkward Space Accommodations: Hit up the vintage flea market and find a small table for any oddly-shaped corner. Conveniently place it next to your sofa after the holiday season for easy refills during Scandal. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Rustic Rack: Planning a wine-only holiday party at your place? DIY this all-encompassing wine rack to hold stemware and the bottles, then hang it up. If the hard stuff is more your thing, stock up with liquor and martini and margarita glasses. (via The Kurtz Corner)

10. Side Table Soirée: Don’t have a bar cart? Employ a side table from your living room or bedroom. Empty all the clutter from it and pack it up with your barware instead. Your guests won’t realize the switcheroo. (via HGTV)

How are you planning on maximizing your small bar area this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.