What do you do when you have a little extra wall space and lots of stuff to store? Install some floating shelves, of course! These 15 options are great for small spaces because you can stack them as high vertically as you can reach. And most of them have such a small profile that they won’t make your home feel cluttered. Looking for something more substantial, but still just as airy? Go for open shelving instead.

1. Umbra Conceal Invisible Floating Bookshelf ($15): The ultimate floating shelf, this clever design makes it appear that you have a stack of books just floating on your wall. You can also get the double stack version here. Or get more inspiration for storing your books.

2. Holman Shelf ($60): We love how versatile this deep floating shelf is. You can choose any number of finishes, and you can even add on additional shelves and turn your shelves into a mini-bar.

3. Stone Resin Wall Shelf ($20): Get the look of stone slab shelving without the weight. These polyresin “bricks” are much easier to hang.

4. White Floating Honeycomb Shelves ($95 for three): Arrange these reclaimed plywood shelves in any configuration you can dream up. We love ’em stacked or in a more organic configuration.

5. Triton Steel Locking Pegboard Shelves ($46 for two): If you have pegboard already set up in your kitchen or workspace, you can easily add these brightly painted steel shelves. And if you don’t have pegboard, what’s stopping you?

6. Bin There Done That Wall Book Bin ($69): Yes, this is technically designed for a toddler’s room, but we think it’s a great way to keep your most recent magazines if you’re against coffee table clutter.

7. Floating Shelves Upcycled Cedar ($55): If you want something a bit more rustic, and cedar scented, this is the shelf for you.

8. Triple Decker Shelf ($34): If you want three shelves for the price of one, consider this tiered version. We think it would be great for a little extra storage in the bathroom.

9. Reclaimed Wood Shelf + Black Basic Brackets ($78-98): Available in either 3-foot or 4-foot segments, these reclaimed wood shelves are perfect for storing your favorite cookbooks, or a few kitchen utensils you use everyday.

10. Connect Blue Cube Shelf ($30): You get two shelves in one with this cube fixture. It’s perfect for keeping a few supplies hidden, like matches for the candle you set on top.

11. Benchwright Shelf ($299): This 5+ foot textured, mango wood shelf can stand in for a mantel if you don’t have one in your home.

12. Pallet Free Floating Shelves ($55): Another good use of shipping palettes, floating shelves in a walk-in closet, or a nook that you’re pretending is a walk-in closet.

13. Set of 3 Floating Shelves ($100): Arrange these raw iron shelves in any configuration you choose. We’re partial to some sort of overlap to make them feel more connected.

14. Crown Molding Picture Ledge ($24-$39): Mimic your traditional decor to store your photos with these simple picture ledges. They are available in black or espresso.

15. Modern Wall Shelf ($22): Add a few pops of color to your decor with these simple shelves. We love the look of three colors stacked together.

Do you have floating shelves in your home? Tell us what you stash on them in the comments!