Alright, who’s ready to get a bit meta with our guide to the Thanksgiving turkey tip guides? We searched the interwebs high and low to bring you the 14 best pieces of info out there for rocking every single step of the poultry process. Scroll though to learn all about buying, brining, cooking and carving the ultimate centerpiece for your T-Day feast.

Buying and Prep

1. How to Buy a Turkey (and so Much More): Ever wonder what all those turkey terms, from conventional to wild turkey, mean? Or whether a fresh or frozen bird is right for you? All of the turkey buying answers you ever wanted are right here. (via The New York Times)

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes to Avoid: Sometimes what not to do is just as important as a how-to. You’ll be one step ahead of any potential poultry disasters after skimming this manual. (via Bon Appétit)

3. Thawing Poultry: Food poisoning isn’t on anyone’s holiday wish list, so be sure to defrost your frozen bird safely with any of the three methods here. Want even more info? Check out the USDA’s handbook. (via Betty Crocker)

4. Everything You Need to Know About Brining: There are so many different schools of thought when it comes to brining. No worries, though, the Food52 community cuts to the chase, so you’ll have a succulent, not salty, showpiece. (via Food52)

5. Turkey Hotline for Day of Questions: Uhhh, did you know there’s a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line? Yes, a hotline where you can get 24/7 help on any turkey-related question you have exists (and has for years). (via People)

Essential How-tos

6. Perfect Roast Turkey: From the Friday night chicken master herself Ina Garten, comes the perfect no-fuss, lightly-trussed turkey. (via Food Network)

7. Fried Turkey With Southern Rub: Fried turkeys can be a dangerous undertaking with delicious results. Follow the instructions here for a crisp-skinned bird that’s ready in just a short amount of time. (via Chow)

8. Slow-Grilled Turkey: Why not give your oven a break and take it outside if the weather allows? (via Martha Stewart)

9. Sous-Vide Turkey: Scroll down a few lines to learn how you can show off your sous vide skills this Thanksgiving. The sous-vide, deep-fried turkey porchetta is perfection. (via Serious Eats)

10. Crock Pot Turkey Breast: Slow cookers are no longer relegated to making weeknight dinners a possibility; let yours do the heavy lifting for a practically set-it-and-forget-it turkey. (via Dine and Dishes)

11. Small Turkey Recipes: If you’ve got only a few folks coming to Thanksgiving dinner, these paired down turkey recipes are for you. They cut down on the servings, but don’t skimp at all in the flavor department. (via Brit + Co)

Carving, Finishing Touches and More

13. How to Carve a Turkey: With tons of pictures to show you the way, you’ll have a carved bird that’d make a butcher proud. (via POPSUGAR)

13. How to Make Gravy: Making perfectly lump-free, full-flavored gravy is totally possible, all without a recipe. (via Food52)

14. Homemade Stock: Don’t toss that turkey carcass — it’s just what you need to make a pot of stock for mere pennies. (via The Crepes of Wrath)

Alright, who’s ready to tackle the big bird now? If we missed any of your favorite tips, please feel free to share below!