The feast is on the horizon, and if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to turn your attention to the kitchen and take stock of your tools. Multi-tasking gadgets are a great start, but to truly impress friends and family with your holiday meal, you’ll need some backup. Start planning ahead by reading our favorite Thanksgiving books, making some festive placecards and reviewing common mistakes. Then, you’ll be prepared to go ahead and start shopping these top gadgets for the big day.

1. Range Smart Thermometer ($70): This has long been one of our favorite kitchen gadgets, and it really comes in handy on Thanksgiving Day. Easily see the temperatures of all your foods on your iPhone or iPad screen to cook it all to perfection.

2. Electric Turkey Fryer ($100): Nothing will wow your guests like a fried turkey, but most homes are ill-equipped for a bulky fryer. This indoor tabletop fryer comes with all the tools you need to safely fry your bird for a jaw-dropping Turkey Day.

3. Single Burner Patio Stove ($48): Cooking an enormous holiday meal will likely take up all your burners in the kitchen. This handy patio stovetop comes to the rescue by giving you an extra burner in a pinch.

4. Herb Mill ($20): You have a mill for your salt and pepper, but you’ll really impress the pants off you guests with an herb mill. Pack it with fresh herbs then twist the handle for quickly minced herbs for dressings, sauces and toppings.

5. Drop ($100): This connected kitchen gadget will turn you into a baking whiz, helping you adjust entire recipes based on what you have in your paltry pantry.

6. Electric Knife ($50): Now that you’ve got the turkey out of the roasting pan, it’s time to slice. Make the process easier with an electric knife.

7. Pie Crust Shield ($6): Nothing spoils a pie like overly browned crust. Never burn crust again with this handy shield.

8. Slice + Serve Pie Server ($13): Now that you have perfectly golden crust on that pie, it’s time to serve it. Traditional pie servers aren’t very functional, but this one cuts and serves slices beautifully.

9. Flavor Syringe ($8): Prepared to operate on a turkey? This tool will have you feeling like a bird surgeon in no time. Use it to add major flavor to your main dish.

10. Potato Ricer ($30): With fine, medium and course settings, this tool will make you a kitchen rockstar on Thanksgiving Day. Mash fluffy potatoes, make gnocchi and press tomatoes for sauce, all in one tool.

11. Poultry Shears ($80): A true turkey expert needs a set of sharp poultry shears. The serrated edge on this can cut through bones while leaving meat intact.

12. Prep Pad ($150): If you and your guests are watching your diet through the holiday season, the Prep Pad is the ultimate tool. The smart countertop tool assesses your ingredients and gives precise nutritional information for easy, intelligent food prepping.

13. Gravy Separator ($25): Once your bird comes out of the oven, you’ll want to separate the fat from the juices to make a delectable gravy. This tool does just that with added features like a spout to catch dribbles.

14. Dressing Emulsifier ($20): We’re all for making your own salad dressing, and this tool takes all the grunt work out. Fill it with ingredients and watch it make magic.

15. Vegetable Chop + Measure ($20): If you try to chop all your Turkey Day veggies by hand, you may still be chopping when Christmas rolls around. This tool assists by seamlessly chopping and measuring all your vegetables with minimal effort on your part.

16. Turkey Baster ($13): This baster goes above and beyond by providing cooks with two interchangeable tips. One works for classic basting and the other acts as an injector so you can take the cooked-off drippings and put them right back in the meat.

17. Pie Birds ($8): Setting this sweet bird into your pie crust to let steam out helps your holiday pastries bake evenly. If you somehow needed motivation to make more dessert, they come in a set of two.

18. Personal Pie Maker ($80): Traditional pies are great, but personal pies are even better. Impress your guests by making these miniature desserts packed with a range of tasty fillings.

19. Electric Wine Bottle Opener ($20): If you’re expecting lots of holiday guests this Thanksgiving, you’ll be popping lots of bottles o’ wine. Make opening easy with an electric corkscrew.

20. Bamboo Crumb Tray ($25): The slots in this cutting board make perfect sense for slicing bread without a mess. We love multitasking tools, and this one makes a great cooling rack and serving tray, too.

21. Turkey Lifter ($10): You weren’t thinking about this when you bought that enormous Thanksgiving bird, but that hunk of meat is heavy. This tiny tool makes it super simple to lift it from the roasting pan with just one hand.

What tools do you use to prep your feast? Let us know in the comments below!