An open bar is a great way to show friends and family just how much you love them. But it’s probably going to leave your wallet feeling rougher than the maid-of-honor after one too many free gin and tonics. Hiring a fully-staffed bar will make wedding costs skyrocket, so to cut costs and flex your DIY prowess, mix things up with one of these 10 DIY bar ideas.

1. Mojito Bar: Set out all the ingredients and a few different fruits for guest to muddle in if they want. For a more involved cocktail recipe like this we might suggest creating a cool board with directions so everyone knows how to perfectly concoct a delicious mojito. (via Sugar Plum Sisters)

2. Bourbon Bar: Grow some hair on that chest with a bourbon tasting. Pick out a few different bourbons, pour them into decanters and set out some crushed ice and garnishes like fresh mint, lemons and limes. (via Garden + Gun)

3. Blood Mary Bar: Make a couple of gourmet bloody mary mixes, put out everything pickled and make a spiced salt for the rim with ground peppercorns, Old Bay, ground celery seed and kosher salt. Side note: How adorable is that window pane direction list? (via Buzzfeed)

4. Martini Bar: Secretly hoping James Bond is going to show up at your wedding? Well, your chances are significantly greater if you’ve got one of these stations set up. (via Sugar and Charm)

5. Hot Chocolate Bar: Here’s an idea for a winter wedding we’re totally drooling over. Prepare concentrated hot chocolate in various flavors. Let them harden and pop in a stick. Then all you need to do is add hot milk. And you already have a stirrer! Add in some Bailey’s, schnapps or Kahlua to make it a little more adult-friendly. (via And Now This)

6. Beer Bar: Okay so we admit this option is definitely the most labor-intensive. But if you or your partner have a knack for woodwork, this is sure to impress everyone in attendance! (via Wedding Party App)

7. Sangria Bar: This sweet wine drink is easy to prepare. All you have to do is slice up some fruit for guests to muddle and throw in. Beware though, this beverage goes down dangerously easy. Keep an eye on Grandma. One too many of these and she might try to turn “Thriller” into a striptease. (via Wedding Chicks)

8. Tiki Bar: Summer is now officially over, but there’s never really a bad time for a tiki bar. Skip the expensive Hawaii wedding and make things tropical at the drinks table instead. (via Buzzfeed)

9. Gin and Tonic Bar: Here’s an easy option that only requires two main ingredients. Have mint, rosemary and basil ready to be muddled or adorned in a glass. Slice up limes, lemons and grapefruit to let guests add a refreshing twist to the classic. (via Wit and Delight)

10. Mimosa Bar: Did you and your love bond over a strong love of brunch? Share your favorite weekend cocktail with guests. (via Kojo Designs)

What cocktail would you mix up at your wedding? Did you have a DIY bar that you want to tell us all about? Share below!