The wellness wearable trend shows no signs of tapering off. Arki is the latest wearable band, and it focuses on helping you walk the (healthier) walk. It analyzes your walking posture to help you stay healthy and balanced. It then coaches you gently to improve your patterns in a variety of ways. Like Fitbit, Arki is an activity tracker as well, but it goes beyond that to actually help you develop healthier habits, posture and more.

While you’re up and about, Arki measures swing speed, rotation angle, feet vibration and more. Then based on that info, it tracks your walking habits and gives you real-time feedback. For example, if you’re looking down at your smartphone (tsk tsk), it knows. If you’re putting your hands in your pockets, it knows. It’s like having a finishing school coach on your wrist, except instead of making you balance books on your head, it vibrates to bring you back to a healthier stride. The accompanying app allows you to keep track of your progress and walking scores.

Oh, and your password for Arki is just your unique stride while walking. It detects you.

The creators of Arki are working with a top medical center and private gym to create a personalized workout and body balance solutions customized for you. Like many other smart technologies of today, Arki can talk to other devices. For example, if Arki knows you’re asleep, it’ll send that data to the thermostat, and it’ll turn down the temperature in the house to your ideal sleeping temp.

It’ll be interesting to see how this powerful little device develops. Right now Arki is funding on Kickstarter and will be until December 21. Pledges of $99 or more will get you an Arki device by April 2015.

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