With the way smartphone cameras have evolved over the last few years, it should be no surprise that most people have started to use their phones as their primary cameras instead of pocket point-and-shoots. But sometimes we miss the gratification of a print, and rarely send smartphone photos to the printer. But now, portable printers are here to make that process easy as pie!

What’s really fun about all of these is how great they would be for the holidays. Create your own little smartphone photo booth at your family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Make a photo album right on the spot by asking guests with smartphones to print a few photos and compile everything at the end of the night. Could be super awesome for weddings, too!

1. Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer ($90): Oh Polaroid, you’ve done it again. This portable photo printer delivers full-bleed borderless 3×4-inch images that are dry the minute they print. You can connect to the printer via USB or Bluetooth, making it easy for anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to create prints on the spot.

2. iPhone Printer Cube ($100): We love the look of this VuPoint cube! Designed for an iPhone or iPod touch (4S and below), you simply dock your phone and print straight from the corresponding app. It also has a mini-USB port for other devices! Reviews are decidedly mixed on this one so we’d love to hear from you if you’ve used it!

3. The Wireless Smartphone Printer ($220): As the name of the product would suggest, this printer connects wirelessly to iPhone or Android phones and prints vibrant color photographs. Simply transmit pictures via the smartphone app over Wi-Fi, and print photos in less than a minute.

4. iPhone Printer Case (Concept): Found on our favorite hub of design innovation, Yanko Design, the Sofie is an iPhone dock and case that prints photos just like a Polaroid. While it’s definitely on the bulky side, what a great accessory to have for a portable photo booth.

With all of these, we are simply phone photo printer curious. We have yet to try any of these printers, and would love feedback if you’ve tried any of the ones listed below, or any other ones! Talk to us in the comments below.