You know it’s better for the planet if you bring your own coffee cup every time you fill up, but let’s face it; sometimes you forget to BYOC. Remembering to BYOC 24/7 is a skill mastered only by moms and assorted other men and women who have it together. But we have two good pieces of news for you: 1) At least forgetting your own coffee cup isn’t as frowned upon as forgetting your grocery bags (seriously, what kind of monster are you ppl?!) 2) There’s a new cup that’s easier to remember than not. That’s because it can stay in your purse at all times.

Coffee guzzlers, get to know Smash Cup, a leak-proof, collapsible, eco-friendly cup that is a Kickstarter success in the sipping. Smashed down, the cup is less than two inches tall, extended it clocks in at five. In three pieces, it’s easy to clean; just throw it in the dishwasher when you’re home sweet home.

Like a lot of great ideas, this one came from a problem presented to its creator Ben Melinger. He was at a coffee shop with friends when the conversation turned to the paper cups they were all holding. Through some unfortunate math, they realized how many of those cups they/the rest of the folks around them go through over days, months, years. Eek! NYC-based Ben knew the solution wasn’t a clunky travel mag, especially for those sans car who carry everything they need for the day in their bag. From there, he crafted an idea that could do for cups what Baggu did for bags.

Although they’ve more than doubled their goal, there is almost a month left on Smash Cup’s Kickstarter. Pledge $15 for one, or donate $28 to the cause to snag two. Heck, get the office pack for $120 and you and your 9-to-5 crew can pitch in to help save the planet with each macchiato.

Would you make use of a Smash Cup? ‘Fess up — how many cups of to go Joe do you go through a week?