When’s the last time you wrote grandma a letter or sent your BFF a birthday card? If you think handwritten notes are too old school for you, you might want to think again. Sending a thoughtful note is now as simple as sending a text message or opening up an app on your phone. All you need to do is download one of these amazing apps and you’ll be on your way to sending snail mail to your favorite peeps around the world!


1. Felt: Looking for a simple-yet-creative way to send cards to your friends and fam? Felt makes it easy for you to transform your photos into personal notes that can be sent directly through the mail. All you need to do is upload a pic, add a memo and mailing address and then Felt will do the rest of the work for you.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. Punkpost: Do you feel like you never have time for handwritten notes? If so, Punkpost will become your letter-writing bestie. This app is home to a community of writers, artists and designers who are passionate about creating beautiful handwritten notes. All you need to do is type your message into your phone and let Punkpost do the rest.

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3. Handwrytten: Need a hand with sending thank-you notes or birthday cards? Handwrytten is a nifty app that uses a robot with gorgeous penmanship to help you send handwritten notes to the ones you love. Simply choose a card from Handwrytten and their robot will write and send your message.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


4. Handiemail: Here’s a service that makes sending a handwritten letter as simple as sending an email. Handiemail uses a team of scribes to transform your typed message into a thoughtful handwritten letter that can be sent via snail mail.


5. Inkly: Now, if you’re looking to get more personal with your handwritten notes, Inkly can help. Simply write your message on a piece of paper and take a picture of it with your smartphone. Next, you’ll choose a greeting card on Inkly and upload your message. This way, you can still use your handwriting without having to worry about running to the store to buy a card!

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


6. Bond: Did you just celebrate your wedding and are dreading writing hundreds of thank-you cards to your guests? Bond makes it super easy for you to send gorgeous handwritten notes by transcribing your message into a real note or card.


7. Postagram: There’s no better way to send a quick note than with a postcard. With Postagram, you can mail postcards directly from your phone using photos from your Instagram account or photo library.

DL It: Free on iOS or Android

Why do you think it’s important to write and send handwritten notes? Tell us in the comments below!