Remember back to those times when you would jump with excitement at the sound of AOL’s “You’ve got mail” notification? Now that email and texting have taken over, we can hardly remember when we last received a handwritten letter. But they might be making a comeback, and ironically, it’s with the help of technology.


The folks from Bond gave a Makerbot a pen and the knowledge of a calligrapher, and the results were beautiful. Using the Bond app, just type your message, select the type of handwriting and stationary you want and give the address you want your letter to be sent to. Oh, and every envelope will be sealed with wax. Because if you’re going to go with an old-school handwritten letter, you might as well seal it traditionally too.


If you want more of a personalized touch to your letters, you’re going to have to pay more for the Bond bots to learn your handwriting, but for things like wedding thank you letters or fancy invitations, it’s so worth it. The robots aren’t just programmed with algorithms of how to write all letters of the alphabet perfectly. Instead, Bond’s design team concentrated heavily on the pen strokes that people make naturally. So even though a robot could be programmed to write a perfect letter G with one stroke, Bond’s bots imitate the natural lifts, marks and motions that humans make. We find it beyond crazy how Bond was able to give a human feel to these bots.


If you want to send out a handwritten letter using Bond, check out their website for the different package deals. You can send one right now for the price of a cup of coffee. Does this mean penpals are going to make a comeback too? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Do you still prefer to write your letters and send them through snail mail, or are you a hardcore email fan? Tell us your thoughts about Bond in the comments!

(h/t Wired)