Can you remember the last time you sat down to write a letter? There’s something beautiful about putting your handwriting on a pretty card and sending it to your favorite people. No matter how much we love the ease and speed of email and texts, a letter you write will be treasured long after that email disappears. So whether you want to send a postcard to a friend or mail a love note to your honey, we’ve got 11 creative ways to get you excited about snail mail.

1. Card Subscription Box: Our favorite sisters from A Beautiful Mess have created a subscription service where you receive a whole bundle of letters and postcards every month. From love notes to silly cards, there is something in here for every occasion. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Pretty on the Outside: Half the fun of sending letters is decorating the envelope. Practice your hand-lettering, play with washi tape and add lots of stickers to make each one a piece of art. (via Thimble Cat)

3. Punkpost: You’ll never miss a birthday again with this letter service. Brit + Co’s very own Alexis Monson has a super cool letter-writing company where you pick out a card from their collection, type up your message and then let her team handwrite and mail it for you. (via Punkpost)

4. More Love Letters: Would you write a letter to a complete stranger? The World Needs More Love Letters’ mission is to send handwritten love to people who are going through rough times. Read the stories, and if you’re feeling inspired, send some encouragement. (via More Love Letters)

5. Send Stamps: If you live in Canada, you’re lucky, because you can send these beautiful stamp packs. Even if you don’t, you could order some and bring stamp collecting back. (via Send More Mail)

6. Postcards: You don’t have to wait until you travel somewhere exotic to send a postcard. Postcards are a fun way to connect without feeling like you have to write a super long letter. (via Free People)

7. Say Hi with Pie: Why mail a birthday card when you can send them a piece of pie? Made with upholstery foam and caulking, each slice looks freakishly realistic and only costs a couple dollars to send. (via Project Denneler)

8. DIY Postcards: Stationery can be expensive, but Postick is a brilliant way to make a postcard out of anything that tickles your fancy. Got a funny photo, some pretty gift wrap or an old map? Use the Postick stickers to make your scraps sturdy enough to get through the mail. (via Postick)

9. Mail Cool Things: Did you know you can mail anything 13 ounces or less without a box? Small fees may apply, but the possibilities are endless. Send a hefty helping of glitter or a bottle of sprinkles for Valentine’s Day. (via Giver’s Log)

10. Tiny Mail: Don’t worry, you don’t have to strain your eyes to write this letter. Type your message up when you order the card and a team of tiny elves will write the letter for you. Okay, maybe not, but these miniature letters are almost too cute to handle. (via Leafcutter Designs)

11. Piñata-gram: What?! Yes, believe it. Mini piñatas are totally acceptable to send via USPS. With a little extra postage and this simple DIY, you’re just steps away from sending a bright, candy-filled donkey to your fave pen pal. (via Studio DIY)

Do you still send snail mail? Talk to us in the comments below!