For little ones, a bedroom is a fortress — a place where they can pretend to be a princess, build a cruise ship out of Legos and maaaybe color all over the walls when Mom isn’t looking. All that imagination might require some extra scrubbing every now and then, but it’s part of what makes childhood so magical. We have some bad news and good news on this topic. The bad news: we don’t (yet) have a magic potion that will erase all those messy stains. The good news: we do have some super inspiring bedding that’ll keep your kiddo’s imagination going well past bedtime.

Amsterdam-based company Snurk has designed some pretty awesome duvet covers that lets kids be whatever they want — and they don’t even have to wait to grow up! Snurk earned acclaim when they created bedding that resembled cardboard and a sidewalk. The company stays true to their trademark wacky, optical designs with this imaginative series. As your munchkin snuggles under the sheets, they’re no longer just a school kid, but a ballerina, salsa dancer or astronaut.

And as if the duvet covers weren’t cute enough, they also come with a pillow case that’s printed with a matching headpiece — whether that means a helmet or a tiara. These creative covers will cost you $80, and are made for a twin bed.

We’re thinking these might make bedtime a whole lot easier. Wine and HBO here we come…

What’s your take on this quirky bedding? Do you think your little one would love this?