With warmer temps comes the urge to clean (and travel, but that’s another post). The mission: To find the mother of all homemade cleaning solutions. Or to discover the secret to organizing the closet to dear Martha’s standards. Here are 18 tips to at least help you get there and get your homestead in pristine condition.

1. Cleaning Checklist: Whether you’re taking care of business in spring or not, everyone needs a good cleaning list, because with everything else you have to remember, you may need a reminder to dust. (via Honey Bear Lane)

2. Cleaning Toolbox: Let’s make this easy. Grab a bucket, fill it with all your cleaning supplies and carry it with you from room to room as you go. Okay? Okay. (via BHG)

3. DIY Gunk Remover: Two simple natural ingredients and BOOM! Instant Goo Gone. Goodbye icky sticker residue. (via Rosy Blu Handmade)

4. Natural Drain Cleaner: Ditch the Drain-O and use salt and hot water instead. It doesn’t get much more earth friendly and healthy than that, folks. (via Parentables)

5. DIY Bathroom Wipes: Who needs bleach wipes when you’ve got these super smelling bathroom wipes. That silver container is definitely display worthy and makes the wipes easily accessible. (via Savvy Sugar)

6. Bath Toy Storage: When you’ve got kiddos, the bathtub is a cluttered place. Get their stuff organized in a hanging fruit basket. (via Eight Foot Six)

7. DIY Toilet Fizzies: Nobody likes to clean the toilet. Nobody. These toilet fizzies tackle the germs and the smell so you don’t have to. (via Savvy Sugar)

8. Freshening Towels: We all know that vinegar is a great disinfectant but did you know that it can freshen up your towels too? Just add it to your wash cycle when those towels start to smell a little funky. (via Classy Clutter)

9. Tech Cleaning Kit: This little kit contains everything you need to de-germify your technology. Don’t forget the remote! (via Made and Remade)

10. Refrigerator Organization: If your fridge already looks like this, nice work. If not, go to the store and grab some plastic containers. The next time you need to clear out, it’s going to be so much faster and easier. (via Four Generations One Roof)

11. Cleaning the Dishwasher: It’s as easy as one, two, vinegar. Didn’t we say vinegar was good for almost everything? (via One Good Thing)

12. DIY Garbage Disposal Tablets: We hope you bought a lot of vinegar, because these little babies only require vinegar and citrus. Blend and your sink will be smelling great in no time. (via Bitz ‘n’ Giggles)

13. Sanitize Sponges: Before you throw it out, put it in the microwave and let those germs melt away to give that sponge a second chance. (via Listotic)

14. Sparkling Toaster: Oh, that poor neglected toaster. Get it shining like new with a little cream of tartar and some water. (via A Real Life Housewife)

15. Clean Cutting Boards: Don’t be afraid of those beautiful wooden cutting boards anymore. Just a little lemon and some salt, and they’re clean again. (via Swoon Studio)

16. Cleaning Burnt Pots and Pans: This hack is a fix for that burnt stuff on pots and pants that even a good soak won’t fix. A splash of vinegar and a pinch of baking soda will have your pots shining again. (via Mom 4 Real)

17. DIY Room Freshener: Put these jars around your house and soon it will smell like lemon or peppermint or whichever essential oil you decide to use. (via Smashed Peas and Carrots)

18. Lavender Linen Spray: At the end of a long day of spring cleaning, wouldn’t you love to pull back your sheets and have the sweet relaxing smell of lavender greet you? We would. (via Town and Country Living)

Know of any other good cleaning hacks? Give them to us in the comments below.