Sofia Vergara may have a beautiful, modern mansion as Gloria Delgado-Prichett on Modern Family, but it’s definitely nothing like what she envisions for her real home. Apparently, she’s been reading our smart home coverage and the future home outtakes from Homemakers, because she wants to tech-out her entire house so she can control everything with her iPhone and voice activation.

In an interview with CNET, Sofia nerded out about how she really wants to simplify her life: “I want a smart home that doesn’t make me feel stupid dealing with a million remotes and gadgets and electric cords.” In order to achieve a simple yet high-tech home, she wants to turn everything into a smart gadget — from keeping up with her millions of social media followers on a big screen in her living room to having a front door that recognizes her and unlocks when she arrives. Also on her wishlist is a robot trainer that will give her the workout of her life. And while that robot is kicking her butt? The hot tub will be warming up to the perfect temperature for her after-sweat-sesh dip.

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She wants all of this to be controlled from one device… or better yet, she wants to be able to stand in the middle of living room and just blurt out her demands, meaning everything would need to be voice activated. Vergara adds, “In a Latin accent, of course.”

Besides an easier way to Skype and hang with her kiddo when she’s traveling, Vergara mentioned how she really wants a “cute butler robot with a British or German or Scottish accent that cleans around the house, offers you drinks and reminds you of stuff, something like the female robot in The Jetsons.” Same here, girl. We’ve been dreaming of a Jetsons-type pad since childhood, and making it a reality over the last couple years. Oh, and Sofia, if you’re still looking for a cute robot to do your chores, you might want to check out Botlr.

Read Sofia’s full CNET interview here.

What high-tech features do you want to add to your home?

(feature photo via Gustavo Caballero/Getty)