You鈥檝e been meaning to amp up your bar cart and take some cocktail mixing classes. But in case you鈥檙e not Tom Cruise in Cocktail quite yet, your happy hour is about to get happier. SOMABAR is a Keurig for making cocktails right at home for you and your friends.


We鈥檙e talking no recipes. No shakers. No measuring. This mixologist machine lets you craft cocktail right from your phone via WiFi. Just keep six bottles (Soma Pods) of your favorite ingredients filled up in the machine, and you鈥檙e ready to start bartending with the push of a button. It only takes five seconds to make a drink. FIVE SECONDS.


Without any need for shaking or blender functions, the machine swirls together all of the ingredients, ensuring a well-blended masterpiece every time. The only thing it鈥檚 missing is the capability to make blended drinks.聽We have our fingers crossed for a margarita update soon.


The app will not only allow you to make yourself a drink, it also makes suggestions based on the ingredients already in the machine and lets you create your own. You can also edit the strength or weakness of your drink to suit your preference.


This project is getting funding on Kickstarter, and it鈥檚 already tripled its $50,000 goal. To get your own SOMABAR, you can pledge $399 by January 13.

Is there a place for the SOMABAR in your kitchen appliance arsenal? Let us know what you think in the comments!