Coffee is a serious science. From the types of beans to the pressure and temperature, these days our coffee preferences go way beyond the question of cream or sugar. Whether we brew from home with an AeroPress or a Keurig, we still find ourselves fleeing to our local coffee shop for that perfectly pulled shot of espresso or that foamy milk topper. But now there’s a customizable coffee maker to change all of that. Arist aims to bring your favorite coffee traits right to your kitchen counter.

In the world of at-home brewers, Arist is a total coffee snob. It changes its brewing method depending on the type of beans you’re using. It combines the perfect amount of milk, coffee and syrups to create consistently delicious drinks time after time. And you can even make your own concoctions. We’re thinking pumpkin-spice salted-caramel latte. Anyone?

What’s better is that you can start the brewing right from your phone. You can program an alert that will ask you in the morning if you’re ready for your cup of joe, and from there you can start making your drink with just a tap.

Arist can make more than your basic latte or Americano. It offers hundreds of recipes from professional baristas all around the world, and it’ll even make suggestions based on your preferences. That means you don’t have to feel embarrassed ordering your half-caf soy latte with one pump of caramel anymore, because Arist totally gets it. The only thing you’ll be missing is the latte art.

The tech folks out there will appreciate this little feature: You can label certain cups with an NFC sticker and program the sticker for a specific drink so that Arist recognizes it. If you want a caramel latte, just put the designated cup in the machine and Arist will do the rest.

The thing even cleans itself, and it never spells your name wrong, so it’s no wonder that it’s already more than doubled its Kicksatrter goal. Until November 23, you can make a pledge to get this project get to manufacturing. $299 will get you your own Arist. That price tag is $50 off of the pre-order price.

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