If your mixology skills don’t extend far beyond drinks with the ingredients in the name (looking at you, rum and Coke), then you’re about to get schooled in making the perfect cocktail. B4RM4N, pronounced barman, is a smart cocktail shaker that will make mixing drinks so easy that every happy hour from now on can take place in your living room.

B4RM4N is like a plain old cocktail shaker “only smarter and sexier.” Just choose your cocktail from a growing list of over 110 recipes on the app. Then, follow the instructions. LED lights on the side of the shaker will indicate when you have the right amount of liquid. No jigger. No measuring cup. Just one cocktail shaker that’s a light-up mixologist. If you’re feeling crafty, there’s even a creator mode where you can make your own recipe and upload it for other people to use.

Want to make a dry martini? Gather your gin and vermouth and start to pour. Your phone and your shaker will indicate when you’ve put in enough of each ingredient, then just add ice and shake!

Despite the gender of the name (and the spelling), this gadget can help you turn into a regular barman or barwoman. Heck, with a little practice and hand-eye coordination, you’re just steps away from being Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

The creators are Kickstarting their way into production until December 4, and they’re 25 percent of the way to reaching their $100,000 goal. You can get your own B4RM4N Smart Shaker by pledging $99 right now.

What would you shake up with B4RM4N? We want to know in the comments!