Finally, bedazzling is cool again! No, seriously. We’re not talking about bright pink and blue gemstones here – we’re talking about gorgeous sparkling accessories that call on earthier tones, rich textures, and a bit of romance.

Each of these three accessories is the perfect thing to take that little white sundress to a way more formal level, whether you’re heading to a springy cocktail party or getting married to the person of your dreams.

 – 1/4 yard off-white, sage, or gray tulle

– 1/4 yard off-white muslin

– gold mini ball chain

– silver mini ball chain

– copper chain

– gold chain

– gold seed beads

– silver seed beads

– acrylic rhinestones

printable necklace template

 – needle nose pliers

– dowels or kebab sticks (for dabbing glue)

– scissors

– E-6000 craft glue

This project is definitely on the more time intensive side. Each accessory takes at least an hour to create, depending on how detailed you get with your designs.

1. Dazzling Statement Necklace

First, print out our necklace template and trace it onto your muslin. Cut out this shape, and cut out a piece of tulle around the same shape, but an inch larger on every side. Place the tulle over the muslin.

Use a dowel to place a bit of glue on your piece and add your first rhinestone! Add a bit more glue and then spiral a length of chain around the rhinestone.

You can also surround the rhinestone with seed beads using the same method.

Continue doing this with pieces of chain, beads, and rhinestones until you’ve covered your piece.

To add a clasp, we cut a piece of tulle about 2 inches wide and 10 inches long. Put glue on a 1-inch strip of muslin and wrap it around the end of your tulle strand. Do the same on the other side. Then glue the muslin onto the back of your necklace base. Tie the tulle in a knot at each edge of the necklace base.


2. Bedazzled Cuff

Measure a piece of muslin around your wrist. You could allow for an 1/8 inch between each end of the coff. Lay a piece of tulle over the cuff, as we did with the necklace. You want this piece of tulle to be about twice the length of the cuff base, as you’ll use the tulle to tie it around your wrist. Use glue to attach rhinestones sporadically on the cuff.

Surround rhinestones with chains and seed beads in any pattern you like. We went a bit more linear with this one, and left one stripe totally un-bedazzled.

And that’s it. So. Much. Sparkle!

This is a great piece for a cocktail party, engagement party, or a fun gift for bridesmaids.

3. Boho Chic Headband

Last, we’ve gotta add a headband to the mix. Cut a piece of muslin about a 1/2 inch wide and 18 inches long. Do the same with tulle, but slightly wider and about 6 inches longer. Glue rhinestones on and spiral chain around each one.

Add in a bunch of silver seed beads. We recommend putting glue all over your headband, pouring the beads on, and pressing them firmly onto your headband with your hands.

Who knew it was so easy to get a beaded look using a bit of craft glue?

Boho beauty, at its best.

Or, as Matthew McConaughey’s character in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days might say, Frost Yourself.

What DIY jewelry have you made recently? Tell us about in the comments below!