Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the biggest surprise hits of 2018, in part because of its message of inclusivity and diversity. The movie lived up to its tagline — “Anyone can wear the mask” — by featuring Spider-People of different races and genders, who work together to save the day. Among the heroes: Spider-Gwen, AKA Gwen Stacy, and Peni Parker.

The inclusion of Spider-Women was important to the filmmakers, because they wanted to show that heroes come in all forms. “It’s only natural that everybody reading comics would seek to include all genders, all races, all different kinds of people under the mask of Spider-Man,” writer-producer Phil Lord explains in this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray, which is available starting Tuesday, March 19.

“I like the idea that we’re all Spider-Man, and that Spider-Men can also be women,” producer Christina Steinberg adds. “We all want to know that we can rise to the occasion.”

Steinberg previously spoke to Animation World Network about the importance of representation in movies and Sony’s attempts to address issues of diversity. “I’ve had the good fortune of producing movies for people and studios who are incredibly supportive of women and believe in diversity,” she said in 2018. “I think [producers] Kristine [Belson] and Pam [Marsden] are such strong, brilliant women and I love that they have given me this opportunity, and other female producers at Sony Animation.”

Asked if she felt added pressure as a woman working on such a high-profile film, she told AWN, “The truth is, I don’t feel more pressure than I think anyone else does because I’ve always felt pretty supported. I do love the idea of supporting other women, bringing them up in the ranks, and really trying to balance out a crew with women as well as men. Animation is still pretty male-dominated in terms of production design, directing, animation, and storyboarding, and we’re really trying hard to change that by bringing in more women. That’s what we can do as women in these positions, and that’s really important.”

See more behind-the-scenes featurettes — plus lyric videos, an all-new short, and an Easter egg challenge — when Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse debuts on Blu-ray on March 19.

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(Photo via Sony Pictures Animation)