If you’re looking for some inspo for your Halloween costume or creepy yard decor, scrolling through Instagram is always a safe bet. To get you all prepped and ready for your favorite hair-raising holiday, we’ve rounded up our top Halloween decor picks from Instagram. Fend off boring old walls with flying bats, spruce up your living room with a Halloween tree and light up the night with glow-in-the-dark bat decorations. No matter your decor style, you can bet at least one of these 19 spooky decor ideas will suit your needs. Scroll on for all the deets!

1. Flying Bats: These flying bats will look striking against any plain backdrop. Though these were made of construction paper, you can easily substitute black felt for a fancier option.

2. Halloween Sign: In addition to the flickering candlelight and mini pumpkins, a Halloween sign is essential to tying the whole look together. The message — whether you choose a “Trick or Treat” or a “Happy Halloween” — is completely up to you.

3. Sugar Skull Ornaments: Pay tribute to the Day of the Dead with these sugar skull ornaments. Cute, colorful and a teeny bit creepy, these sugar skulls can be used for Halloween, then brought back around for the Christmas tree.

4. Halloween Tree: Or better yet, ever heard of a Halloween tree? If not, it might be time to DIY your own this year. Find a spooky-looking branch and hang ornaments of your favorite scary film and book characters!

5. Black and White: Give your living room a modern makeover with a limited color palette. Though the colors are simple, the results will be minimalistic (or “bare bones”) chic.

6. Super Spiritual: Whether or not you’ve ever dabbled in mystical practices, decorate your home with spirit-realm items like a palmistry sign, a tarot deck and a Ouija board (if you’re feeling brave). But be warned, these collectibles might tempt your guests to try their hand at summoning spirits!

7. Sharpie Pumpkins: Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up pumpkin guts this year with a no-carve pumpkin. Better yet, this particular DIY takes only about 15 minutes to make.

8. Freaky Flamingos: Trade out the pink tropical birds for their more eerie-looking cousins. If you’ll be making them, just paint the originals over with black paint and add skeletal details with white paint.

9. Halloween Embroidery: Show off your embroidery skills by weaving these messages inspired by the Halloween spirit. Loop thread around the hoop’s clasp and you’ve got yourself an instant ornament for your new Halloween tree.

10. Black and Orange: To stay true to the classic orange and black color combo, decorate pumpkins with black paint in a variety of patterns. Use painter’s tape to achieve clean and precise lines.

11. Golden Bones: You’d be shocked too if your living room featured this gilded skeleton. Add a modern-chic finish to any space with metallic gold accents, whether they be skulls or a full-on skeleton.

12. Dish Them Out: These decorations are actually plates, but we promise we won’t tell. Add tape to the back to hang them on the wall or string them up from the ceiling for a unique Halloween garland.

13. Skull Candle Holders: Turn down the lights and turn up the eerie vibes with these skull candle holders. They’re so stylish, you might not know which part you love more: the bedazzled skulls or the ombre candlesticks.

14. Jack-o’-Lantern Throw Pillows: Cozy up your living room space while giving your home Halloween chills with these Jack-o’-Lantern-inspired pillows. Make them in more than one color for a little variety.

15. Bat Garland: Complement black and white decor with an all-black bat garland. Try hanging multiple strands to depict a cloud of bats descending on your living room.

16. Skull Planter: Swap out your ordinary planters for a spooky one inspired by a skull. Plop in a funky plant or overflowing florals for a one-of-a-kind ‘do.

17. Glow-in-the-Dark Decor: If you’ll be dimming the lights to set the mood, deck out the inside of your home with glow-in-the-dark adhesives for one creepy-cool look. You can even use glow-in-the-dark puffy paint to doodle designs onto your party guests’ glasses for a surprise they’ll surely appreciate.

18. Sparkly Pumpkins: You know how the saying goes: “If in doubt, glitter it out!” Give ordinary pumpkins a fun and fab touch with sequins and glitter galore.

19. Pom Pom Garland: It doesn’t take much to spruce up your home — take this pom-pom garland, for example. It’s a simple addition that’ll do wonders for making your walls Halloween party-ready.

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