When the kiddos creep up to your front porch as ghouls and goblins, you want to give them a little wow factor. If you’re not dressed up (even though we have 500 reasons why you should be), your porch can be. You can go for creepy or classic. Either way, deck out your porch for some extra fun on All Hallow’s Eve.

1. Spooky Silhouettes: Whoa. This looks like the house of a mad scientist! You’ll definitely be the spookiest house around with these massive silhouette cutouts and a green glow emanating from your windows. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Abandonment Issues: Dead leaves, busted pumpkins and covered furniture make for that abandoned haunted house feel. Add some candles when the sun goes down, and just like that, your house is transformed to “the haunted house down the block.” (via Destachio)

3. Ghost Tree: This DIY string of ghostly lights creeping up a tree branch look like they’re in full flight. If you want to put in a little more elbow grease, you could make a strand long enough for a full blown tree. (via Unoriginal Mom)

4. Leaf Pumpkins: To get that warm, fall golden glow, try jack-o’-lanterns. These leaf-carved beauties make for a porch that’s less creepy and more classy, and the abundance of light makes the stairs super inviting. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Raven Trees: If you’re a literature fan, you can’t deny the creepy inspiration of Poe’s The Raven. Black and white brings simplicity to this porch, and the ravens look like they could take start knocking at any moment. (via Create Craft Love)

6. Arachnaporch: Nothing will creep out your guests more than stepping onto a giant web to get to your front door. You can make this with nothing more than a canvas drop cloth and some black duct tape. Add a larger-than-life menacing spider to up the scare factor. (via Bower Power)

7. Pumpkins-a-Plenty: Gourds and pumpkins lining an entryway decked out with fall mums is our idea of a good time. You can even hang some painted paper lanterns for a little bit of character. And why not greet trick or treaters outside at a little table full of treats? (via Better Decorating Bible)

8. Cobweb Entry: Even without a lot of space, you can still decorate your entrance with cobwebs. But beware, creating a secondary doorway out of the web of a giant spider might deter the itty bitty trick or treaters. (via Martha Stewart)

9. Fortune Teller: Greet your guests with an elaborate fortune telling booth made from large boxes, a styrofoam head and a lot of creativity. We have to say, the work that went into this was totally worth it, and since it’s made mostly of cardboard and light materials, it’s easy to store again for next year! (via Matsutake)

10. Tentacular: Imagine seeing these troubling tentacles slithering out of mossy buckets on your front porch. You could even carry the theme to the yard to have them coming right from the ground! (via Always the Holidays)

11. Skeleton House: Your house will look truly neglected if your guests think that you’re the skeleton in the rocking chair. Finish off the look with some crows and hay and let the fright ensue. (via Nob Hill Design)

12. Haunted Trees: A bushel of dead branches can take you a long way when it comes to doorway haunting. Add tons of orange lights and some eyeballs and skulls and your place will look all the more menacing. (via Reginaugst)

13. Mourning Glory ($79): This lady lives up to her name. Cloaked in all black and sporting blood red lips, she lurks on your porch trying to scare away trespassers.

14. Country Natural: If you have access to corn stalks and bales of hay, this natural approach is a lovely look. Take a break from the orange and black, and try finding gourds in shades of gray and green. (via Our Vintage Home)

15. RIP: Line your walkway with some skeleton parts scattered so they look like they’re emerging from their graves. For bonus points, give them a headstone. (via The Glamorous Wife)

16. Gourd Ghosts: Let these gourds haunt your front door for a crafted natural look. Add some winding vines and a black wreath to really set the scene. (via Alexsiandra’s Wonder)

Is your porch tricked out for Halloween? Post your photos below!