12 #Winning Halloween Yard Decorations from Instagram
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12 #Winning Halloween Yard Decorations from Instagram

For us, Halloween can’t come soon enough. The Internet is already full of all kinds of decor-spiration, but we’re looking to Instagram to see some spooky IRL yard decorations to get in the spirit this year. But why start early? Because All Hallow’s Eve is an excuse to dress up in your best costume, a valid reason to hit multiple parties in one weekend and, better yet, no one will question you as you nosh on sweet treats with reckless abandon. It’s basically the one time of year that you can let your freak flag fly high, and no one will blink an eye. So take those skeletons out of your closet and prepare to present them on your front lawn for all the world to see.

1. Flamingo Flavor: Proving you don’t need cool, autumn weather to get in the Halloween spirit, these tropical birds stepped their game up for the season. The painted gourd is a nice stylish detail to add to the mix.

2. Family Affair: The whole skeletal clan, including their bony pup, are greeting tricksters with this deadly treat. An outdoor bench is a great space to utilize all that creepy decor. Just don’t forget to add some mood lighting for the big night.

3. Rainbow Magic: Who says rainbows can’t be creepy? The uniquely eery vibe of this ghoulish illumination is equal parts spooky and inviting.

4. Zombie Attack: Cobwebs, tombstones, the undead and painstaking cuteness transform this yard into one we want for our own… even if the sweet smiling nugget isn’t included.

5. Bad Romance: Gaga’s got nothing on this dancing duo. We’re thinking the dress is vintage.

6. Creep in the Box: This is exactly the way clowns should be: Packed away in boxes until the one (and only!) time of year that their creepiness is actually allowed.

7. Ghostly Dreams: This yard broke the black and orange mold with this dreamy aesthetic. A whimsical Halloween is a happy Halloween.

8. Ghostride the Whip: This is a perfect example of how to make great decor with unexpected material. This family hasn’t left the car in decades, and for that, they should be celebrated.

9. Walking Dead: It’s that time of year when the walkers come out to play, and these guys totally nailed the job of keeping ‘em at bay. #teamrick

10. Deadly Drinks: Talk about getting lost down the happy hour hole. Looks like even the pooch couldn’t step away (we feel you, little dude).

11. Dead Men Rising: We know where the bodies are buried. If you have any in your yard, better dig ‘em up before they dig themselves out…

12. All-Star Cast: Who needs ordinary human friends? With Freddie, Frankenstein, Jason and It, this is a Halloween extravaganza for the ages.

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