The internet is full of all kinds of Halloween decor-spiration, but we鈥檙e specifically looking to Instagram for spooky IRL yard decorations that get us in the spirit this year. Take those skeletons out of your closet and look to the inspiration below to wow your neighbors with your own haunted house.

Flamingo croquet, anyone? #modernhalloween #frematichomesanaheim

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1. Flamingo Flavor: Proving you don鈥檛 need cool, autumn weather to get in the Halloween spirit, these tropical birds stepped their game up for the season. The painted gourd is a nice stylish detail to add to the mix.

2. Family Affair: The whole skeletal clan, including their bony pup, are greeting tricksters with this deadly treat. An outdoor bench is a great space to utilize all that creepy decor.

3. Rainbow Magic: Who says rainbows can鈥檛 be creepy? The uniquely eery vibe of this ghoulish illumination is equal parts spooky and inviting.

4. Zombie Attack: Cobwebs, tombstones, the undead, and painstaking cuteness transform this yard into one we want for our own鈥 even if the sweet smiling nugget isn鈥檛 included.

5. Bad Romance: Gaga鈥檚 got nothing on this dancing duo. We鈥檙e thinking the dress is vintage.

6. Creep in the Box: This is exactly the way clowns should be: packed away in boxes until the one (and only!) time of year that their creepiness is actually allowed.

Just of small piece of the house decor for this year #halloweenhouse #yard #halloweenyard

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7. Ghostly Dreams: These folks broke the black and orange mold with a more dreamy aesthetic. A whimsical Halloween is a happy Halloween.

8. Walking Dead: It鈥檚 that time of year when the walkers come out to play, and these guys totally nailed the job of keeping 鈥榚m at bay. #teamrick

Happy Halloween! Stop by and stay a while ... a long while

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9. Deadly Drinks: Talk about getting lost down the happy hour hole. Looks like even the pooch couldn鈥檛 step away (we feel you, little dude).

10. Dead Men Rising: We know where the bodies are buried. If you have any in your yard, better dig 鈥榚m up before they dig themselves out.

11. All-Star Cast: Who needs ordinary human friends? With Freddie, Frankenstein, Jason, and Pennywise, this is a Halloween porch extravaganza for the ages.

12. Friendly Skeletons: Sometimes you need to add a light-hearted touch to your super scary yard. These two gals look like they are just shooting the breeze in fabulously undead way.

13. Cemetery: Instead of just having a few deadly dudes popping out of their graves, why not set an entire cemetery scene? Chain it off like this lawn and put a beware sign up to creep those kiddos out even more.

14. *All* the Yard Decor: We鈥檙e pretty sure this casa won best/spookiest house on the block. Their secret? Buy *all* the yard decorations and arrange them in All Hallow鈥檚 Eve fashion.

15. Yard-Less Decor: Don鈥檛 have a front yard? Deck your garage and windows out with a creepy monster face. Bonus points if you add lights to those 鈥渆yes.鈥

16. Dancing Ghosts: Okay, we鈥檙e officially frightened of this setup. It looks like tiny child ghosts eerily waving back and forth.

17. Headless, Zombified, and Fierce: Why go with one theme when you can mix and match traditional inflatable decor with headless men and burlesque zombies?

18. Witchy Woman: This yard kept it simple with some wicked little legs and a few pumpkins spread about.

19. Pumpkin Patch-esque: The best part of Halloween 鈥 besides the candy 鈥 has to be the pumpkin craze. Spend every night carving a pumpkin and you鈥檒l get a fraction of the way to making this happen in your front yard.

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20. Arachnophobia: Now here鈥檚 one way to keep more candy for yourself. Anyone afraid of spiders will have a hard time approaching the creepy, crawly lair.

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