While most folks are planning beach getaways for spring break, we are stockpiling materials and getting out our toolbox, because any free time means DIY time to us! Now that the weather is breaking and we can get outdoors, we are itching to get to all those really messy projects we’ve been putting off throughout the winter. While winter can be a good time for tackling indoor projects, warmer weather means we can finally set up the sawhorses and saws and get cranking. We are so into the rustic/industrial thing these days that there are a ton of wood projects we’ve pinned to our inspo boards. Now’s the time we make our dreams a reality. If you are loving the rustic look too, here are 40 DIY wood projects for spring.

Spring also means spring cleaning to us, as well as a time for DIYing some colorful indoor decor that will make it feel like spring has sprung inside our house. From customizing the dishware to creating colorful hanging wall storage, here are 15 vibrant home-decor DIY projects that will brighten up your home.

Over at Design Love Fest, Bri is taking the colorful faux florals from her holiday tree DIY and repurposing them to make custom curtains. Her colorful sheers bring spring indoors in the most spectacular way. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right? Go, Bri! She uses fabric glue to adhere the flowers, which will definitely make the project easy and fast. But she notes that you could also sew the flowers on. It would take a lot longer, but then your curtains would be washable and more durable. Either way you choose to go, this is one DIY so colorful, it makes us want to do the happy dance.

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(Photo via Design Love Fest)