It’s finally happening — we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is a frigid winter, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t psyched. But as we come out of hibernation, we’ve become aware of a few skin concerns we’d like to take care of as we transition seasons. The arctic temperatures outside and the dry, blasting heat inside have us in serious need of some cold-to-warm weather skincare hacks.

So as we head into spring, we’re looking to up our skincare game to get glowing skin during the last legs of winter while the cold temps linger… and beyond. To help us with this tall order, we turned to skincare experts Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the founders behind the as-seen-on Shark TankKorean beauty brand Glow Recipe, who dished out tips on how to deal with our most common winter-to-spring skincare ailments. Take it from the pros, people! Scroll on for their top product picks to channel your inner warmth just in time for spring.

If You’re Trying to Banish Tired, Dark Circles


Dark circles are a common concern among folks of all ages, including the ladies behind Glow Recipe themselves. The gals named dark circles as one of their top skin concerns. Sarah and Christine swear by Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence ($40), a lightweight, gentle and organic formula that provides major hydration. Since the area underneath your eyes is very thin and sensitive, these skincare-savvy ladies make sure to apply the product in a very specific way for the best results. “I dot it around my eyes and then use my knuckles to give a very gentle massage by pressing against the pressure points around the orbital bones,” Sarah said. Another reason they’re crazy for this particular product is that it leaves the skin underneath your eyes cooled and refreshed, giving the sensitive area a little pick-me-up.

If You Have Dull Skin in Need of a Radiant Glow


Everyone can benefit from a bit of exfoliation, but dull skin in particular can use a refresher. ​”Regular exfoliation is important to slough off dead skin cells and keep skin looking radiant and healthy,” Sarah and Christine said. For this task, the two suggested a trend that has been around for awhile in the Korean beauty world: aqua peeling. “Aqua peeling is a trend that trickled down from a highly popular dermatology treatment of the same name, which exfoliates and hydrates the skin at the same time. An aqua peeler is essentially a giant Q-tip pre-soaked in hydrating and exfoliating agents that help to gently resurface and re-texturize skin without irritation,” they explained. For best results, the two recommend using one like the Yoon Dermaline Marine Aqua Peeler ($6) once or twice a week. It’ll help keep your complexion brighter and more even in tone. Even sensitive skin can reap the rewards of this pick, as this gentle formula won’t leave behind a red, irritated face.

If You’re Looking to Hydrate Thirsty Skin


​After a long winter of freezing temperatures and dry indoor heating, it’s no surprise our skin is left feeling dehydrated and dry as sandpaper. The Glow Recipe ladies recommend giving thirsty skin an extra dose of hydration by using a lightweight facial oil. ​”An oil is a surprisingly universal skincare product, and a lightweight dry oil is great for all skin types,” the women explained. In fact, facial oils are so universal that everyone should use one. “Even oilier skin types can benefit from a drop of oil at night to create a healthy moisture barrier and prevent skin from overproducing sebum,” they added. For especially dry skin, these skincare experts recommend adding one to two drops of an oil to your moisturizer. Their product of choice? The Blossom Jeju Camellia Seed Dry Oil ($30). “The founder of the oil comes from a family that has lived on Jeju Island for generations, and her grandmother used to use pure camellia oil — especially rich in nutrients and antioxidants — as a cure-all,” they continued. Their pick is especially versatile due to its lightweight texture.

If You’re Itching to Banish Oily Skin


While many of us feel dried-out during the colder months, as soon as the temperatures begins to rise our bods can go in the opposite direction leaving us with oily skin galore. For these folks, Sarah and Christine recommend a gel cream for the seasonal transition. “The lightweight yet deeply hydrating textures of gel creams deliver the moisture of traditional cream without the heavy feel — perfect for oily or sensitive skin,” they explained. The duo recommended Primary Raw DoYou Azulene Gel Cream ($46), which they said packs some serious moisturizing power without feeling heavy or greasy. These qualities make it an ideal pick for oilier-skinned gals that still need some moisture.

If Your Skin Is Breaking Out


Whether it’s from hormones, stress, food or all of the above, sometimes our skin just has a bit of a meltdown, complete with blemishes. For this beauty concern, Sarah and Christine name dropped one natural ingredient in particular. “Oilier skin types can benefit from using a tea tree product, as tea tree is a known natural ingredient to treat blemishes and soothe troubled skin,” they explained. They added that it’s important not to use stripping cleansers and toners on breakout-prone complexions, since doing so can dehydrate the skin even more, further exasperating the problem at hand. The two recommended trying a bit of LJH Tea Tree 70 Mist ($33) post-cleansing and throughout the day, as the formula helps to simultaneously balance and hydrate your face.

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(Photos via Glow Recipe)